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7 ideas to use used bottles to decorate your party

Reusing materials is the key to creating unique and creative decor. Bottles of wine, juice or beer do not need to be thrown away after they are empty, for example. When decorated, they become good supports for arrangements, sweets and even lamps. Check out some different ideas for your party:

1. Decoration for the outdoor area

If the hall has a good outdoor area, the bottles can be used to create hanging decorations with flowers. Prefer colored bottles, as they will bring more color to the environment by reflecting sunlight.

2. Message holder

How about putting together a time capsule for your child? In it, guests keep messages and inspiring messages that will be shown to the child after a few years.

3. Cake table

On the cake table they serve as a basis for small arrangements of natural flowers, bringing more delicacy to the main table. If you want to use them to accommodate sweets on a stick, fill the jar with rock salt. This way, the toothpick will stay firmly in the glass.

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4. Centerpieces

Glass bottles also serve as an economical alternative to table centerpieces.

5. To serve drinks

Also use them as substitutes for juice glasses. At pajama parties, the trend among decorators is to use the bottles to serve iced milk with cookies stuck in the straw.

6. Fixtures

Those Christmas lights that are packed in the box of ornaments can be reused in the decoration of the next party for the little ones. Inside bottles, they turn into colorful lamps for environments.

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7. Souvenirs

Guests will enjoy taking home miniature glass vases. The bottles can be decorated with string, pieces of fabric, stickers or ribbons. Another option is to stick pieces of masking tape on and then dip the containers in some colored paint. When the paint is dry, remove the tape to create the holed effect.

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