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Check out the details of the new season of MasterChef

MasterChef: The Revenge premieres next Tuesday (15) on Band🇧🇷 The new season of the culinary reality show will only feature former participants and will be shown again on Tuesdays at 10:45 pm, as the time slot of the last season – Sundays at 8 pm – was highly criticized by viewers and the judges themselves.

Altogether there will be 20 participants, who will compete against each other during 10 episodes. In interviews with band portal, the jurors Eric Jacquin🇧🇷 Paola Carosella and Henrique Fogaça and the presenter Ana Paula Padrão told some details of the new season.

The three judges agreed that this promises to be one of the most difficult editions of reality. According to Paola, some of the tests can be more difficult than the season with professional cooks. “Reproducing the menu of two chefs was very difficult, as was the chocolate tasting. proof of natural fermentation, so it was terrible. I don’t know how they didn’t lose their minds”, said the chef.

For Henrique Fogaça, the natural fermentation test, that lasted 24 hours, was one of the most complex. As for Jacquin, the most challenging race is the croque-en-bouchea French dessert that is difficult to execute, and the season tends to get even more tense because the participants already know how the program works.

Presenter Ana Paula Padrão believes that the new season will be different for the public, in the sense of creating sympathy or antipathy for the participants. “I think this season will be very exciting from the beginning, because when we watch an edition of MasterChef, we take time to know who we will sympathize with, who we will not like, who are the ‘villains’ and the ‘good guys’”, he said.

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Band released a video of the new season in which it is not possible to see the faces of the participants, but, according to the website Hugo Glossthe broadcaster confirmed three of the names of the new season: Thiago (Major)🇧🇷 Iranete and Helton🇧🇷

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