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What are the most fattening drinks?

Diverse beverage options are not lacking. With or without alcohol, they are present at happy hour with friends, company cocktails or events. There are also those that offer no threat to the diet, such as fruit pulp with little alcohol, right? Wrong!

“The amount of calories is related to the amount of alcohol mainly. Drinks with higher alcohol content are more caloric”, explains nutritionist Mariana Ribeiro, from the company Congelados da Sônia. So, pay close attention to what you drink!

Contrary to popular belief, beer is one of the drinks with the lowest alcohol content: 3% to 8%. “The problem with consuming it is precisely in the amount you drink and in the fatty snacks that usually accompany it”, says the nutritionist. For those who appreciate a good wine, this content increases. “Wine has around 12% and distilled drinks have an alcohol content of 40 to 50%”, she adds.

The way of preparing the drink is also a determining factor. “The amount of calories also changes according to your preparation. A caipirinha prepared with cachaça, fruit and a lot of sugar will be much more caloric than the version of the drink with sake, fruit and sweetener, for example”, says Mariana.

Do alcoholic beverages tend to gain more weight than non-alcoholic ones?

“All alcoholic beverages contain ethyl alcohol which, when metabolized by the body, turns into carbohydrates producing 7 kilocalories per gram. What makes one drink different from another is precisely the amount of alcohol. The higher the alcohol content, the more calories the drink will have”, explains Mariana.

Distillates, such as brandy, vodka and whiskey, for example, provide around 240 kilocalories per 100 mL. “Wine brings 85 kilocalories, 70 of which correspond to alcohol and 15 to the carbohydrates already present in the drink”, comments the nutritionist.

Who doesn’t need a can of beer, be careful with the scales! “The amount of 100 ml of beer provides approximately 45 kilocalories, half from ethanol and half from carbohydrates. Compared to soft drinks, which, despite the sugar, provide about 40 calories per 100 mL, alcoholic beverages are more fattening”, Mariana warns.

How to drink without getting fat?

It is necessary to drink in moderation! “It’s no use opting for a drink with a lower alcohol content and less calories, but ending up exaggerating the dose. Sometimes it’s better to choose the strongest drink and therefore the most caloric, but drink less. A glass of red wine daily, for example, is good for cardiovascular health because of its high amount of flavonoids. Wine has a higher alcohol content, has more calories, but in moderate amounts it is very beneficial for health”, recommends the nutritionist.

Sake, for example, is also a great bet and is less caloric. “Choose a fruit that is not too acidic and doesn’t require a lot of sugar for the sake! Preparing the drink with a sweeter fruit like watermelon, for example, and adding sweetener is a way out. For more disciplined women, drinks with a lower alcohol content and ingested in small amounts are ideal choices”, says Mariana.

Watch out for snacks! “Avoid the very greasy options”, recommends the nutritionist. Mariana also recommends ‘never drinking on an empty stomach and always having a light meal before drinking alcohol. Interspersing the consumption of the drink with that of water is also very important’.

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