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5 reasons why a married man distances himself from his lover –

It doesn’t matter if you have been the mistress or the cheated on wife. Have you ever wondered why a married man distances himself from his lover? Although there could be many reasons, here we have grouped them into the 5 most common.

It’s something we always hear: “a man never leaves his wife”, but… why? A cheater doesn’t always want a breakup when he is looking for a lover; If he chooses to break his vows, it is simply out of selfishness and a need for adventure.

You should be aware of these five reasons why men stay with their wives, despite seeking extramarital relationships.

1. It has everything

It sounds strange and even contradictory: if you have everything, what are you doing looking for something outside? The truth is, it is a mix between his nature and way of being. Maybe he is bored with the routine, wants an escape, wants to feel back in the game or simply because of the mere machismo of having more than one woman.

The truth is that this is the main reason why men are not able to leave their wife for their lover. They are not willing to lose the comforts they have: clean clothes, a loving wife, children, car, house, pets…

2. He loves his wife

Even though he says he has problems with his wife, why do you think he hasn’t left her yet? By a simple answer and here we are not referring to her comfort or habit, but deep down he still loves her, even though her actions may hurt her.

If you are the mistress, never expect him to leave his wife, even if he tells you he will; that’s not gonna happen. For him, you will always be the other, no matter how harsh it may sound.

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3. Value your children

Despite his actions, a man stays at home to provide his children with family stability, especially if he had a difficult childhood or without a father figure to guide him growing up.

Even if you don’t get along with your wife and believe that relationship is dead, your children are so sacred that you commit to trying to present an illusion of a perfect marriage.

4. He doesn’t want to get complicated with a divorce

No one in their right mind wants to go through a divorce, even if the relationship ends on good terms (it’s strange, especially if there is infidelity involved, but it does happen).

If he can hide that he is having an affair and lead a double life, he will do it. He will keep the wife and mistress happy, so he will be happy too. If no one complains, why a divorce?

Another aspect why you do not want to go through a divorce is what we already talked about: you would lose the stability you already have in your life:

He has to divide all his assets with his wife. If there are children involved, divide custody. Guarantee support for wife and children. And a long list that would only complicate his life…

5. He wants a break from the extramarital relationship

A man is never unfaithful with the intention of leaving his wife in the future. He sees it as an agreement in which two people satisfy their desires without a commitment involved.

In his mind, he justifies his actions by saying that he is not looking for love, so he can tell his lover that they will not see each other anymore, and then come back to her when he is hungry for more.

Why does a man walk away from a woman he likes?

If you are distancing yourself from your wife, you may be overwhelmed with routine and looking for an escape or outlet.

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But if he distances himself from his lover, even though he likes her, it is because he does not want to lose the comfort of the life he has with his wife.

In either case, a man walks away out of selfishness.

Does a married man go back to look for his lover?

In some cases, yes. It all depends on the man and the relationship he has with his wife. If he pursues her, he may love her, he may feel comfortable with her, her relationship with his wife is too chaotic, or he is a womanizer by nature.

But, in cases where the man does not look for his lover again, it is due to two main reasons: his wife found out and gave him an ultimatum, or he did not feel connected with his lover.

Does a married man think about his lover?

Even if he doesn’t do it 24 hours a day, a married man does think about his lover, especially when the trigger that made him go out in search of a relationship outside of his marriage is activated.

It is very likely that you think about your lover after arguing with your wife, at the end of a bad day at work, when your children behave badly, you have desires and do not satisfy them… The truth is that in at least one minute of your day by day, your lover will be in your thoughts.

How does a married man feel when his lover leaves him?

A mix of emotions regardless of whether you are in love with her or not: sadness at having to leave that relationship, relief at not having to continue leading a double life or rejection and denial, since you no longer have control over her.

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Can a man love his lover?

Yeah! In fact, some even fall in love with his lover. It is a selfish way to love, but it is entirely possible for a man to love his lover.

This happens because he considers her his lifeline. She does not criticize him or demand things from him that his wife does; she listens to him; he spends quality time with her and, most importantly: he fills all the gaps that her married life can’t.

Why does a man walk away from a woman without saying anything?

Regardless of whether he walks away from his wife or lover, he walks away because he is tired of the relationship and needs some time to clear his head.

It is important to tell you that if you are the lover, he is probably walking away from you because he no longer wants you in his life or his wife discovered the affair and has given him an ultimatum. But if you’re the wife, he may be rethinking the relationship.

We know that understanding this topic is very complex and that perhaps there are more reasons why a married man distances himself from his lover, but here we try to include them in the most common ones.

Before finishing we would like to ask you 3 things:

The first thing is that if you are the lover, do not get false illusions that you will get him to leave his wife; The second thing is that if you liked our article, share it on your social networks and, finally, if you know other reasons, leave them in the comments so that other readers can find out about them.

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