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5 books to read and fall in love with

To read it is a healthy habit for the mind. In addition to transporting the reader to a magical, fantasy universe (when it comes to fiction), it provides knowledge and cultural repertoire. So the tip is: never stop reading.

When you go to the bookstore, do you have doubts about which titles to choose? Psychoanalyst Tiago Lupoli says which are the areas that most arouse female interest: “women look for romances, love stories, friendship and family; adventures that address spirituality, self-knowledge and behavior; plus self-help books,” he says. The interest is based on a cultural issue. “Women tend to expose and work with their emotions without as many barriers as men. Because they are very caring for themselves and their family, they symbolize their private fantasies and desires in great romantic stories”, he adds.

Based on this analysis, we made a list of 5 books no woman can miss. Let’s go to them:

The City of the Sun by Khaled Hosseini

In Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, two women, old enough to be mother and daughter, find themselves living under the same roof under the command of a tyrannical husband, in the best “Taliban” style (regime that ruled the country).

Mariam and Laila, who are forced to marry at the age of 15, build a beautiful relationship of friendship and trust. In the background, there is the childhood love between Laila and Tariq, which goes through many tests before it comes to fruition.

Without Wings at Dawn by Luciana Scotti

The true story is narrated by its own protagonist: the young Luciana. At the height of her youth, the passionate and intense girl, who loved to enjoy every moment until she couldn’t anymore, looked for a doctor to take contraceptives and be able to have peaceful sex with her boyfriend.

Even having done the correct procedure, the medication, combined with cigarettes and drink, was responsible for a stroke. After the episode, Luciana stopped walking and began to depend on her family to do everything. The hectic life of the girl most desired by men gave way to a story of overcoming and victories.

Eat, Pray and Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

At the age of 30, Elizabeth Gilbert achieved a professional position and a stable personal life, she was married. But what would normally make any woman happy wasn’t satisfying her.

Therefore, after filing for divorce and falling into depression, Elizabeth decided to put aside all material possessions to spend a year traveling the world in search of her personal recovery. Elizabeth proved that people are responsible for their own happiness and that it is always possible to look for the best way.

Leave men at their feet by Marie Forleo

This is a book that treats love relationships in a humorous way, but it can also be considered a self help reading. After all, it shows women how to enhance their best features and let go of their weaknesses. The interest is to make them attractive and able to enjoy healthy relationships.

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Considered the book of models, “The Little Prince” is poetic and philosophical because it addresses the mysteries of childhood in a demystifying way. The book contains beautiful lessons in friendship and love. And of course, also the famous phrase: “You are eternally responsible for what you captivate”.

Choose which book will be the first and good reading.

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