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31 meringue recipes that will make you fall in love

According to experts in the field of sweets, one of the most important dishes in the pastry shop is meringue. This is no coincidence: the mixture of egg whites and sugar can be used in the preparation of pies, mousses, creams, fillings and many other delights.

Italian, Swiss and French meringue are the most common and have differences in the way they are prepared. While French is raw, for example, Swiss is made in a double boiler.

Do you want to know how to make each of them and, on top of that, check out new and sugary recipes for your notebook? So just check it out below.

Traditional meringue recipes

1. Italian Meringue: This meringue has a beautiful, shiny appearance, making it ideal for non-baking desserts. While the egg whites are beating them to snow, you must cook a syrup with sugar and water until a fine caramel strand forms. Incorporate the whites and beat until the mixture cools.

2. Swiss Meringue: ideal for toppings on cakes and cupcakes, Swiss meringue is made with egg whites and sugar. The ingredients must go to the fire until the sugar melts. Afterwards, they are beaten in the mixer at maximum speed until the mixture cools. It is important that when cooking the mixture does not exceed 60ºC.

3. French Meringue: Also known as “cold meringue”, as it doesn’t involve anything from the stove. The first step is to beat the egg whites. Then gradually add the sugar, lemon juice and vanilla essence. You can use food coloring to finish.

4. Vegan Meringue: The culinary revolution is happening every day. And yes, it is possible to prepare a delicious meringue without using animal products. In this option here, you will use the water from the cooking of the chickpeas, icing sugar, apple cider vinegar and vanilla essence or orange juice (optional).

5. Meringue without milk: nothing like simplicity when preparing a good dessert. Here, the tip is to beat the egg whites with the sugar in a bain-marie, until the sugar dissolves. Stir constantly, preventing the whites from cooking. Then just finish in the mixer for 10 minutes.

Different meringue recipes

6. Meringue with Berries: Looking for a dessert full of flavor and simple to make? This one here! The ingredients list includes fresh cream, vanilla extract, sugar, meringue, strawberries and currants to taste. Finish with mint leaves.

7. Rose Meringue: It’s not just the name that bears roses. This meringue is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted and has this special touch: 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of rose water, which you can make at home with the petals of the flowers. The taste is smooth and sweet.

8. Coffee Meringue: A vegan foam that is practically a mixer cappuccino. Hmmm! To prepare it, you only need instant coffee, water and sugar. In less than 5 minutes it’s ready and it’s delicious. Sprinkle cinnamon on top and enjoy.

9. Persimmon Meringue: In this version, the meringue flavor is guaranteed by the use of 4 ripe persimmons and 1/4 of an orange, in addition to sugar, meringue and cream. For those who like desserts with fruits, the idea is excellent.

10. Banana Meringue: A few steps separate you from devouring this wonder, but we guarantee that all the work pays off. The candy has layers of cream, banana candy and meringue. It should be in the oven just until golden and be served when it is cold.

11. Meringue with mango and passion fruit syrup: another sweet option for those who love a taste of fruit. Here, the flavors of mango and passion fruit complement each other perfectly. And the end result is a crispy meringue on the outside and “bubbly” on the inside, you know?

strawberry meringue recipes

12. Easy Strawberry Meringue: Is it for ease in the kitchen you are looking for? Come on! This sweet looks like an elaborate dessert, but it’s easy to make. Beat the whipped cream in the mixer until it has the thickest consistency and mount the bowls with strawberries and meringue!

13. Mixed strawberry meringue: want a good trick to separate the whites from the yolks? Keep the eggs very cold. Really works. Beating the egg whites is the first step of this wonder here, which goes well with an afternoon tea.

14. Strawberry meringue with cream and meringue: to prepare this delicacy, which serves 10 people and takes 40 minutes to prepare, a more extensive list of ingredients is needed, with items such as condensed milk, corn starch, fresh cream , strawberry jam and vanilla essence. It’s a sigh with every spoonful.

15. Meringue with sliced ​​strawberries: a recipe to fill your eyes with joy – and your belly with hunger! The secret here is to use very fresh strawberries and lots of sighs. The preparation is very simple and even the most beginner cooks will have no difficulty.

16. Layered Strawberry Meringue: Desserts with beautiful presentations? We love. This recipe here is one of those to be served in glass bowls, being possible to visualize – and salivate – all the layers. Intersperse crumbled meringue, whipped cream and strawberries until you fill the entire space. There’s no error.

17. Strawberry meringue with whipped cream: keep an eye on the quantities! For every 500 grams of fresh cream, use four tablespoons of sugar. The sour cream should be in the freezer for about 15 minutes before you use it in the recipe. Mistake proof!

18. Strawberry and chocolate meringue: just like cheese and guava, the strawberry and chocolate duo was born to work. Mix these two darlings in a candy that still has meringue and 100g of meringue! One of those dishes to have up your sleeve whenever you need it.

meringue recipes

19. Salted Caramel Apple Pie and Meringue Brûlée: Is there a special occasion coming up? This dessert is the right bet, as it is more complicated to make and has a high cost. The pie should be eaten hot, with an incredible caramel sauce and succulent cubes of apple. It makes your mouth water just thinking about it.

20. Lemon pie with Italian meringue: you know those recipes that, even changing the ingredients, are delicious? He thought! The list calls for cornstarch biscuit, but it’s worth replacing it with Maria or Champagne. Vanilla essence is also optional, but it looks great combined with lemon. You decide.

21. Chocolate mousse cake topped with meringue: the name sounds difficult, but it really does. More than skill, in this case you need patience to finish all the steps. Dessert is a good option to gift someone you like. The mix of cake, ganache and meringue brûlée is killer.

22. Strawberry Meringue Cake: Is there a delicacy as beloved as meringue with strawberry? Calculate with us: fluffy vanilla dough, cream filling, meringue and fresh strawberry. All this together, in the form of forkfuls of love. Do it at home!

23. Oreo cake topped with meringue: we’ve already shown you dozens of possibilities to make with Oreo cookies. But a good recipe never hurts, right? In this dessert, an Oreo cake is covered in a creamy and irresistible meringue. To eat thanking you!

24. Rogel de dulce de leche with meringue: an Argentinean sweet in your kitchen? It’s for now. The rogel consists of thin slices of dough covered with dulce de leche and Italian meringue. If you have a blowtorch at home, it’s worth giving that little burn on top of the meringue. Show!

25. Mini baked Alaska of berries topped with meringue: get ready for moments of sweet surprises. This kind of cake has a base syrup with Sicilian lemon liqueur, sponge cake, Swiss meringue and red fruit ice cream. Only good things gathered, it can’t get bad!

26. Lemon meringue pie: raise your hand if you love a good lemon pie. The secret of success lies in the harmony between the flavors: the sourness of the lemon with the sweetness of the meringue that goes on top. Great option for weekend dessert.

27. Matcha chiffon cake with meringue: is it a cake or is it a cloud? Practically both. Chiffon Cake has a very light and airy texture. The use of matcha in the ingredient list makes everything even more special.

28. Baked plantain with meringue: eggs, sugar, bananas and butter. And ready. Four ingredients, a mouthwatering dish. It’s worth taking advantage of the bananas that are almost past the point at home, you know?

29. Roasted cocada with meringue frosting: Roasted cocada, chocolate ganache and coconut sugar meringue. One of those sweets that melts in your mouth and explodes with so much flavor. Easy to make, hard to stop eating.

30. Coconut cake with lemon curd and meringue: ideal recipe for those days when you’re inspired to go to the kitchen – and not afraid of too many dishes. In addition to the cake dough, you need to prepare the filling and frosting. Ah, the ideal is to make the filling a day before the cake, to make it firmer.

31. Gossip mousse with meringue: here the idea is to use and abuse citrus flavors. You can use tangerine, Tahiti lemon, Sicilian lemon, passion fruit… Whatever you prefer. Make a Swiss meringue and mix it with fruit juice and whipped cream. Keep in the fridge for at least 8 hours and enjoy!

Did you like the suggestions? You can invent new ways to use your meringues, such as in cupcakes, on top of cupcakes or even with milkshakes. The possibilities are endless!

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