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30 photos to rock the caramel lit brunette model

Do you want to lighten your strands, but still want to maintain a more subtle model? You need to know the caramel lit brunette trend. So, be sure to be enchanted by the inspirations listed and follow the information considered by the specialist and hairdresser Flávia Gonçalves.

30 photos of caramel lit brunette to fall in love with the trend

The caramel lit brunette model usually brings a subtle highlight to the strands, in addition to contributing to a good harmonization of the hair with the face. Thus, the tone has been gaining popularity for its elegance. Follow the inspirations:

1. The caramel lit brunette brings charm

2. The volume in the caramel strands looks beautiful

3. The caramel coloring makes the curls more beautiful

4. Hair becomes more shiny

5. When they are properly hydrated

6. The ripples look amazing

7. The ends have their elegance

8. The tone is perfect in the curls

9. Emphasizing the delicacy of each curl

10. There are more discreet tones

11. And lighter shades

12. But everyone has their beauty

13. And they adapt to the desires of each woman

14. That’s why it’s important to choose the tone you prefer

15. Well, you will feel more satisfied with the result

16. Coloring can match the cut

17. And with eye color

18. Always enhancing female beauty

19. It is essential to maintain a care routine with dyed threads

20. To guarantee movement, softness and hydration to the hair

21. So consider some recommendations

22. How to use the thermal protector before using heat sources

23. Be sure to wash your hair in hot or lukewarm water

24. Opt for sulfate-free shampoos

25. And keep hydration and capillary hydration up to date

26. That way your hair will be healthy

27. And looking shiny and silky

28. In the sun, the strands gain even more prominence

29. Caramel lit brunette is a great option to join

30. Having that will brighten your beauty even more

Started falling in love with the caramel lit brunette model with these inspirations? Betting on the model will be a great option and will make your beauty even more highlighted. To be on top of the main questions about the tone, follow the information below.

Caramel lit brunette FAQs answered by the pro


How is the process done to achieve the caramel lit brunette tone?

Flávia Gonçalves (FG): basically it’s bleaching some strands. If the client wants more light, more strands should be bleached. The main difference between light brunettes and blondes is the bleaching time. In the brunette, it usually stays for less time because it doesn’t have to be too white, that is, very discolored. The time to remove the bleaching powder from the hair is when the hair is already in a light brown tone, that is, close to the caramel color that will be applied in the sequence after removing all the bleaching powder by washing the hair.

What ink to use and what is the numbering?

FG: There are several brands of paint, most are good. I use a little mixture to make my caramel tones, using the colors 7.7 + 7.1. I mix basically half and half, with the same amount of 6 volumes of hydrogen peroxide. You can also use toners instead of dyes, but these are less strong than dyes.

How long does the coloring effect last?

FG: normally three to four months, but it will depend on the hair growth and even the care with it, as they can change the tone. For example, excessive exposure to the sun and chlorine from swimming pools can anticipate the need for touch-ups, but the tone can last longer by always using a toning cream.

What is the average price?

FG: In my region, professionals usually charge an average of 500 reais. I add a post chemical treatments to that amount.

Do you advise at home or with a professional?

FG: Doing it at home is difficult because you need to know from product application techniques to the time to remove them from your hair. I’ve seen clients who tried to do it at home and ended up staining their hair, not to mention having to do a strand test first to see if the hair can handle being bleached or it breaks.

At this point, you must have already been enchanted by the beauty of the caramel lit brunette because of the inspirations presented and the subtlety that the model gives. How about also getting to know the cinnamon lit brunette tone to rock the look?

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