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60 crochet rug patterns for living room and tutorials to make your own

A crochet living room rug can bring new air to your space. A handmade touch, full of affection and warmth is never too much.

If you agree and love crochet work, see beautiful inspirations to decorate your home and learn models to make your own rug:

Crochet rug for living room: 60 ideas to fill you with inspiration

The possibilities of crochet rug for living room are diverse, you can vary the shape, size, colors and type of stitch. Come see ideas to convince yourself of the charm of this piece!

1. A crochet rug in the living room conveys comfort

2. Anyone will feel welcomed

3. And you can make it according to your decor

4. Interested?

5. So know that you can let your imagination run wild

6. And also make a puff and a crochet pillow

7. After all, this is a wildcard trio

8. You can draw with the lines and create something authentic

9. Or opt for the classic rug that envelops the entire room

10. Lavender is a color for those who love delicacy

11. Knitted yarn is perfect to start crocheting

12. A raw string rug conveys calm and goes with everything

13. But abusing striking tones also has its charm

14. By the way, color matching is a great idea

15. Look at this contrast, what a beautiful thing!

16. Another classic white for the minimalists on duty

17. And a tea rose to make you sigh

18. Working with a gradient of tones makes the piece very harmonic

19. A crochet rug for the room of respect

20. Look at that beautiful arrangement!

21. And that square crochet rug full of love?

22. Or this home office in the corner of the room?

23. A mat to ensure more comfort when sitting on the sofa

24. These colors were just perfect

25. What to say about this barred? Pure luxury!

26. It seems that maxicrochet was born to be gray

27. This sequence of rows created a charming rug

28. This model, on the other hand, increased the feeling of space in the environment

29. Earthy tones on the rug and crochet pillow

30. The design of the careers gives the piece’s charm

31. Just like in this model full of textures

32. A simple crochet rug can add a vintage touch

33. But a different pattern brings life and personality

34. How about investing in a geometric model?

35. Or working with hexagonal squares?

36. There’s really no shortage of beautiful inspiration!

37. A simple round rug is nice for beginners to produce

38. To go a step further, add one more color

39. Or increase the size of your work

40. Soon you’ll be creating pieces like this!

41. Have you ever imagined your little room like this?

42. Or so?

43. A discreet color transition

44. And a delicate contrast

45. Many people’s dream rug

46. ​​The complement of a rest space

47. It’s hard not to be enchanted by this job

48. Yet another powerful finish!

49. And a decor in shades of gray

50. Baby blue made everything so cute

51. Turquoise blue is a good idea to bring joy

52. Who needs more with a beautiful room like this?

53. For large rooms, it is worth betting on a set

54. Look at the subtlety of those colors!

55. The crochet living room rug is really versatile

56. Be it dark…

57. Of course…

58. Colorful…

59. He will decorate your space in style

60. And make you happy every time you look at him!

What a beautiful inspiration, huh? Choose the model that best suits your home and have your crochet rug now!

Crochet rug for living room: step by step

Are ideas boiling in your head? So let’s learn how to make beautiful rugs to decorate your living room:

Round rug with popcorn stitch

If you think of a delicate and elegant rug for your home, this is the perfect idea! The popcorn stitch creates a beautiful texture and is made from a little trick with a sequence of double stitches. The tutorial has other parts, so be sure to watch them all to learn the mat from start to finish.

square crochet rug for living room

For those who prefer something simple, a square model works great. To make this rug, you will need 1.5kg of 24-strand string and a 7mm needle. The stitch sequence is a variation between double crochets and chain stitches, so even beginners can follow the step by step.

Diagonal stitch rug

Here you can unleash your imagination and work with as many colors and rows as you want, creating a piece with your face. In the video, you learn the recipe for a 145x80cm rug. The finish is a nice fringe that will make your rug beautiful!

maxi rug for living room

Betting on a thicker yarn ensures that your work yields more and creates a more rustic and cozy effect. And that’s where this model goes! 24-thread string in your favorite color, 7mm needle and dedication will create a starry rug that will complete your living room decor.

living room rug

See how to make a rug to cover your room and make it more cozy and sophisticated. The barred of this piece is simply wonderful and will impress everyone who visits you! Separate the materials to produce a rug measuring 1.5m in diameter: 5 balls of Baroque Max Color and a 3.5mm needle.

Cross stitch for your mat

If you’re looking for a different spot to create your rug, you’ve found it! And best of all: it’s easy and yields a lot. You will need string, #4 needle and scissors to finish off the piece. The work is always done in multiples of three, so keep this in mind to enlarge the rug to the size you want.

pineapple rug for living room

The hem of this rug is made with pineapple stitch, a work that creates an incredible visual effect. The yarn suggestion is Baroque Max Color combined with a 3.5mm needle, but you can vary the materials depending on the finish you want to create. Watch the video to get all the details of this recipe.

Rectangular rug with shell stitch

Finally, another charming stitch for you to add to your repertoire: the shell stitch. Choose three shades of #6 string to work with and set aside a 3.5mm needle. Then, just follow the sequence of high crochets, low crochets and chains to create the characteristic ripples of this piece.

Regardless of which crochet rug model you choose for your living room, it will undoubtedly brighten up your decor! Taking advantage of the lullaby, also check out our crochet table runner inspirations and add a special touch in the kitchen or dining room!

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