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3 tips for choosing the best flat iron for your hair –

The flat iron is one of the accessories most loved by women, mainly because it offers practicality and guarantees aligned strands for a whole day. However, as it is a heat tool that can cause deep damage to the hair, it is important to use it correctly.

Of course, to stay away from any problems that the flat iron may cause, the use of a thermal protector is essential, however the tool quality is another factor that interferes (and a lot) in this process. So, in addition to knowing how to use it, it is essential to choose one that suits the needs of your locks.

To help with this, the hairstylist Gil Brittopartner of Vertix, gathered all the points that must be taken into account when buy a flat iron. Check out!

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Choose from ceramic or titanium

According to Gil Britto, the decision must start from the most important aspect: whether the hair has chemical straightening or not. In addition, the two different types of coatings need to be evaluated. Below, the professional explains how each of them works:

“Ceramic-coated sheets serve to protect the wires from contact with the aluminum sheet. This means that the coating provides a soft touch between the heat and the hair, reducing the chance of damage after contact, and is also highly recommended for straightening, curling and styling the hair as it transmits heat evenly across the surface” he says.

Furthermore, it operates in decrease in static electricity from wires and not sealing the hair cuticlespreventing a dry appearance and increasing shine.

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Just like ceramics, the titanium coating also offers protection to the hair, being the transmitter of heat between the electric wire and the wires.

However, Gil points out that this material stores even more temperature, delivering heat from the root to the ends and ideal for chemical straightening processesfor example, progressive.


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Pay attention to the temperature

Whereas each hair type supports a different heatnever fail to analyze the temperature of the plate before purchasing it.

“Who has thin hair, must not exceed 180°Cso as not to burn the wires, since those who have thicker and more voluminous haircan come up to 200ºC to facilitate the process. Who has the fragile or chemically treated hair, I do not recommend going above 150ºC. A great option is the plates that offer temperature regulation”, he advises.


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Don’t forget to check the thickness

Finally, Gil recalls that the thickness of the tool is another point that makes all the difference in performance and results. To the wider are indicated for long and thick wires, since they make it possible to straighten a larger strand at a time. already the thinner tend to please people who have short, thin hair or bangs.


Chrome Rose PPR10 Board – Philco

Thanks to the titanium coating and Tourmaline ions, it promises a more intense smooth, frizz-free, silky and smooth. Its handle is swiveling and ergonomic, which gives more speed and freedom during use. It has 5 temperatures: 150ºC, 170ºC, 190ºC, 210ºC, 230ºC.

Professional Hair Plate X300 – Vertix

Perfect for those who want more practicality on a daily basis, this is a versatile and very compact hair iron. Made with a ceramic profile, it glides perfectly, making it an excellent option for styling bangs and roots. It has flexible hair and a temperature of 210ºC.

X380 Professional Hair Plate – Vertix

It has a floating ceramic profile and an anatomical design, which smoothes, curls and models. Its temperature is 230°.

Fox Iron 3 Rose Plate – Philco

Its format promotes more comfort and safety, in addition to allowing the creation of the most diverse hairstyles. Negative ions act to reduce frizz and improve shine and softness. It has automatic bivolt and super-fast PTC ceramic heating. Their temperatures are 200°C and 230°C.

Professional Hair Plate X400 Bivolt – Vertix

It has a selection button for 2 temperatures, 210ºC and 230ºC, and an innovative design that provides flexibility and comfort during use. Its titanium coating generates ions that put an end to unruly hair that insists on being misaligned.

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