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25 Tattoos for Virgo Zodiac Signs

Known and remembered for their organization and delicacy, Virgos do not give up stability and reason. Despite sometimes being associated with control, natives of this sign just want everything to go as planned and fight to achieve their own goals.

Virgo has the only constellation of the zodiac represented by a female figure and the wings of this deity. As Virgos like to take everything seriously, when choosing the ideal tattoo is no different. There are the delicate ones, constellations, even the most elaborate ones, with drawings that represent the sign. If you’re a Virgo and you identify with the zodiac, these tattoos are for you!

1. The most common tattoos for the Virgo sign are the constellations

2. And the symbol, which represents heavenly wings

3. Can be done with large drawings such as mandala

4. Or alone, in a very discreet tattoo

5. Virgo constellation tattoos are amazing

6. They can be tattooed in simple ways, with dots

7. Or accompanied by flowers, leaving it super delicate!

8. If you love colorful tattoos, this might be an option

9. Watercolor-style tattoos make constellations full of color

10. You can use this technique to make elaborate drawings

11. The illustrations that represent the sign of Virgo are super neat

12. And you can opt for a single dash, which completes the constellation

13. Or a colorful and very detailed one

14. The neat drawings in black ink impress by the line

15. The constellation of Virgo is the only one in the zodiac represented by a female figure

16. You can choose to have it tattooed with other astrological symbols

17. Like the moon

18. Or a planet… In this tattoo the white ink differentiates the tattoo

19. How about forming a constellation with flowers? It is delicate, matching with Virgo

20. Or you may prefer a beautiful design that differentiates the constellation

21. The dotted technique results in stunning tattoos

22. And if you love kittens, you can combine two passions in one tattoo

23. Constellations can be made with different lines, complemented by other illustrations

24. As well as the symbol of a virgin, in conjunction with a lotus flower

25. And if you prefer the minimalist ones, this one is perfect for a first tattoo

Enchanted by the traits? Get inspired by your favorite and choose an ideal place for your tattoo to come out perfect, as you love it.

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