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20 kafta recipes to enjoy Arabic cuisine and spice up the barbecue

The kafta is a dish of Arab origin which is very similar to our meat skewer. This can be defined as a preparation using ground beef or lamb, seasoned with various spices and seasonings.

In some countries such as India, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran, there are options for this skewer prepared with lamb and even chicken or pork. Easy and practical to prepare, its characteristic form of presentation is to mold the meatloaf around the barbecue skewer, which can take on a cylindrical or oval shape.

Also known as “Syrian barbecue”, among the most used seasonings to guarantee a tasty dish are mint, onion, green smell, cumin, salt and various peppers.

Great option to be enjoyed alone, kafta can still appear on occasions as a good weekend barbecue, prepared on the grill itself, in addition to being a good accompaniment to salads, rice, hummus, tahini and even French fries. Check out some delicious kafta recipes below and choose your favorite to try:

basic recipes

1. Simple kafta: in this recipe, the author used ground duckling as the chosen meat. To add flavor to the dish, just cumin, mint, parsley, garlic, salt and pepper. The special touch was the juice of half a lemon, which was added to the mix.

2. Traditional kafta: the secret of this version is the addition of a tablespoon of olive oil. This trick will make it easier to shape the minced meat balls, helping to add the ingredients. For a differentiated flavor, a teaspoon of Syrian pepper.

3. Kafta on a skewer: prepared in the oven, instead of using the grill, this recipe uses drops of Worcestershire sauce and garlic sauce for an even tastier dish. The trick to making the skewers rich in flavor and not drying out is to add half a spoon of butter on top of each kafta.

4. Simple kafta with refreshing salad: seasoned only with mint, Syrian pepper, onion and salt, this kafta prepared with ground duck is still served with a delicious salad prepared with cucumber, radish, tomatoes, qualha sauce, sweet paprika, lemon olive oil and salt. Practical and tasty!

5. Kafta with special sauce: the unusual little secret taught in this recipe is to dip the barbecue sticks in water, leaving them to soak. This process will ensure better adhesion of the meat when shaping it. For a differentiated palate, spices such as cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg guarantee a richness of flavors.

6. Baked kafta: deconstructed version of the dish, here the use of the barbecue stick is dispensed with, and the dish is assembled in layers of meat, potatoes and tomato sauce. The sauce is made with natural tomatoes, bringing a richness of flavor to the dish and the ground beef still takes French bread, which is moistened and mixed with the meat and seasonings.

Recipes with a special touch

7. Kafta with vegetables: prepared in the form of dumplings, along with the meat mixture, this recipe still takes a large potato and a medium chayote, cooked and mashed into a puree. As a seasoning for the mixture, cinnamon, chili pepper, salt, parsley, chives and butter. For a more beautiful look, place a slice of onion and a slice of tomato on top of the cupcake and put it in the oven.

8. Kafta with pitta bread: to prepare the skewers, place the ground duckling in the food processor along with half a chopped onion, lemon juice, ground black and white peppers, turmeric and coriander seeds. The special touch is the rosemary branch that is used in place of the traditional barbecue stick. A delicious and easy-to-prepare bread to accompany it.

9. Pan kafta with ricotta cream: and why not prepare the kafta in the pan? Ideal recipe for moments of short time, it is ready in just 10 minutes. To prepare the skewer, just use the ground duckling, mint, olive oil, salt and Syrian pepper. Easier impossible!

10. Kafta stuffed with ham and cheese: for more flavor, the meat was seasoned with onion cream, smoke powder, curry, garlic, onion, olive oil prepared with rosemary, Syrian pepper and parsley. The surprise factor is given by the use of ham and cheese as the filling of the dish.

11. Kafta stuffed with cheese: another stuffed option, full of flavor. Here the Prato cheese is cut into slices, and skewered with a barbecue stick. In this way, the seasoned meat will be molded around it, ensuring its traditional look, but with a delicious filling when savored.

12. Grilled kafta with zucchini: molded into small meatballs, these delicious kaftas are served on a “path” of sliced ​​zucchinis and seasoned with salt and olive oil. Highlight for cinnamon powder and butter, ingredients that guarantee more flavor to the meat.

creative recipes

13. Chicken kafta: the secret to ensuring a juicy and tasty kafta is to add vegetables to the meat preparation. Here, red peppers and carrots are crushed and added to the mixture, imparting flavor and moisture to the dish. To season it, parsley, salt, Syrian pepper and black pepper, olive oil, onion and garlic.

14. Lamb Kafta: This traditional version of the dish uses lamb meat along with the beef option. The unparalleled flavor is guaranteed by the use of pinoli, cumin, cinnamon powder, Syrian pepper, among other seasonings. As a suggestion, this kafta can still receive a yogurt sauce and be accompanied by a fathoche salad.

15. Vegan baked kafta: how about tasting a vegan option for this dish? Ideal for those who do not consume products of animal origin, here the kafta is prepared with hydrated soy protein. A smart resource to ensure the ingredients adhere to the barbecue stick is to use wheat flour in the mixture, along with the rest of the seasonings.

16. Kafta cake: variation of the dish, here the kafta is presented as a meatloaf, facilitating its preparation process. For a more intense flavor, lemon juice and zest, dill, mint, onion, garlic, olive oil, parsley and even a beaten egg to help combine the ingredients.

17. Kafta balls: served in the form of small balls, this version is a good option to serve as an aperitif. Prepared with few ingredients, it is only necessary to use ground meat, onion cream, pepper, mint and wheat flour to shape them. Ideal for serving to friends, this recipe yields about 80 servings.

18. Kafta Kebab: This kebab (Turkish beef barbecue) is made with kafta molded into small balls and grilled. To serve, spread hummus on the pita bread, add the lettuce, tomato, onion, olive oil, salt and lemon and add 4 kaftas before rolling the bread. Tasty and unusual!

19. Kafta Parmigiana: How about a cultural fusion? Adding the Italian side to this dish, just prepare the kafta, shape it in layers, put it in the oven, being careful not to brown it too much. Then, top the dish with homemade tomato sauce and a generous layer of cheese.

20. Kafta burger with onions in soy sauce: again a mix of different cultures and flavors. Here the kafta is prepared and shaped into a hamburger shape and then fried in a drizzle of oil. In the same skillet, the onions are sautéed, only then adding the soy sauce, traditional Japanese cuisine.

Whether in its classic version, with lamb, or Brazilian options, with different seasonings and adapted recipes, without a doubt, kafta is a simple and quick dish to prepare, but with a lot of flavor. Choose your favorite option and enjoy this traditional dish.

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