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20+ Guys Who Should Win Boyfriend of the Year

For most women, the care and affection of their partners is fundamental, and many of them are aware of this. However, some of the male gender set their standards so high that it is only left for others to learn from them. Whether it’s a handmade gift or a long-awaited adventure, the men in our selection deserve a special award for being so genius.

O awesome.club is flooded with love and affection. Therefore, he decided to select several photos of men whose extraordinary abilities to take care of a woman are definitely to be admired and shared with the whole world.

1. When your girlfriend has pain in her feet

2. “Nothing like having a boyfriend who can braid your hair when you’re having chemotherapy in the hospital”

3. This man tidied up the pantry while his girlfriend was away

4. This guy created a castle out of pillows and sheets for his girlfriend with his own hands

5. “Taking care of my girlfriend’s skin when she is very tired”

6. “My boyfriend’s gift for our first anniversary. Is this true love? I think so…”

7. This girl received an experience with meerkats from her boyfriend as a birthday present: she was able to interact with and feed them

8. “My girlfriend likes to spend her time relaxing and painting her nails. I hope this is a nice surprise for her after another hard day at work.”

9. His wife drank too much. So he made a bed with blankets and pillows next to the toilet. He didn’t forget a single detail, not even his socks, hair towel, nose spray, and water.

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10. “After 7 years together, my boyfriend prepared a surprise for me and took me skiing to propose to me at an altitude of 3,185 meters”

11. This man built an artificial fireplace for his girlfriend because she wanted a place to hang her stockings for Christmas

12. “My wife and her cat ended up sleeping on top of me. I will stay in this position until they wake up.”

13. This guy managed to make a bunch of paper flowers for his wife on their first wedding anniversary.

14. A sushi pillow made by your boyfriend

15. “A sweet gift, called ‘Pot 365’, with an explanation of how it works on the back. My girlfriend was STATIC”

How it works: The content of “Pote 365” features 365 handwritten notes, each color representing the themes that appear below. Each morning for the next year you can take a little note and that (in theory) will be a good start to your day.

moments and memories

quotes and verses

reasons why i love you

16. “I’ve been saving up for a year to enjoy this vacation. My girlfriend is in the shower… Hope you like your breakfast”

17. “My boyfriend made a Squirtle. He wasn’t very happy with the result, but I thought it was beautiful.”

18. “My boyfriend proposed to me by putting this necklace on my cat while I was out of the bedroom. I couldn’t wish for a better man.”

19. Does your wife like bacon more than flowers? So prepare a bunch of bacon roses, just like this guy did

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20. “The way my boyfriend says I forgot something at his house is hilarious”

21. A young man prepared this cake for his beloved for her birthday. And it’s the first cake he’s made in his life!

22. “My boyfriend went to buy a lemon and came home with it. Friends, this is Lemon”

23. “I made my wife dragon eggs from game of Thrones for your birthday”

What surprises have you received from your love? Share the photos of your best gifts with us!

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