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17 Coincidences That Rocked Probability Theory

A lighthouse photographed in the same millisecond by two people, a “copy” of your own father found in a Lego set, a guy and his girlfriend who look like two drops of water: if you saw such coincidences in the movies, you might think which is an exaggeration. But these are things that happen in real life!

O awesome.club compiled some amazing photos where everything matched up to the smallest detail.

“My girlfriend made a collage to show me how much alike we are”

Two unknown photographers took pictures of the same lighthouse in the same millisecond

The ray of sunlight from the window perfectly coincided with the line of light from the frame

“My son was so impressed when he found ‘daddy’ in his Lego bricks”

When the viewer is part of the painting

this is harmony

When it’s so popular that someone disguises themselves as you

Looks like he stole a piece of the car

chameleon socks

“It seems that while I wasn’t home, a movie was filmed here”

The side of this bull is “transparent”

If you need to explain what mimicry is, use this photo

They looked good on him

“Calling to fight!”

“Looks like our coach is not happy”

This girl and her furry friend have similar eyes

Drawn birds and a real bird fly together

Have you ever seen anything like this? Tell us in the comments.

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