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Powerful Spell to Love me and Desire only me

Today we are going to see a Spell for your man to only want you. This spell will act so that the man does not look for other women – powerful for boyfriends and husbands who do not give peace of mind and confidence, because they live behind other women.

It works perfectly for men and women. If you, a woman or a man, are suspicious (or) that your partner or partner is giving soft to other women (men), this spell is the one, because it will end their desire for other women and they will only want to be with you.

Spell so that he only wants to be with you

Necessary material

A small image of Saint George (can be a photo with a prayer)

Make the prayer, when he is sleeping, making the image close to his or her heart. Be careful not to flag, do the prayer in thoughts and you don’t need to touch the image on it.

Prayer to Saint George so that he only wants to want to be with you

Just as Saint George dominated the Dragon, within other women, his heart will only be open to me and full of good feelings.

Just like Saint George dominated the dragon, the desire to be with other women (men) will end, he will only have cravings for me, only having pleasure with me, only.

Just like Saint George dominated the dragon, it will put an end to the idea and desire for any woman (man), no matter how sexy and attractive it may be, this is because (a) he will only have my image in his eyes.

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Pray one Our Father and two Hail Marys.

spell to love you forever

Sympathy to have your love forever, just for you – Spell to leave your lost love without you. He will be lost without you – Only with you by your side will he be happy. But, remember, for the universe to conspire in his favor, for things to be really good, it is essential that there be the same feeling between the two of you.

In other words: it is not enough to love a person, no matter how much love you have for her, yes, in fact, the same love, affection, affection and desire does not exist on her part. There has to be at least some enchantment, so that then both of them can be happy together.

Spell to have your love forever

By the powers of the earth, by the presence of fire, the air inspired by the virtues of water, I invoke the thirteen holy souls by the strength of the hearts that bled and the tears shed for love, (place his or her name ), with which his spirit would be definitively tied to mine

Your mind will be immersed in the essence of my love

.That (put your initials) does not love another woman or is interested in another person, and that only I own her body

(insert your initials) belongs to me.

That (put your initials) do not eat, drink, sleep, talk, rest, hear, see, or smell without being in my presence, because if you do not,

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the earth will open and nature will tremble. May my shackles keep you bound to me forever by the power of this prayer. so be it so

We realize that they have been done. Amen

With these spells to make him want only you, you will achieve it. Blessings for all

video Powerful spell of the banana so that it has eyes only for you

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