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Photo Spell to Fall in Love and Keep a Man by your side

Men are not always easy and tend to want to be with several women at the same time. We cannot allow this, so it is normal that we want to use a spell to bind and retain a man.

This is to make sure that the man in question will not date us and other women. It is something that we simply want to guarantee so that we do not live worried.

Unfortunately, many women have already been betrayed. The feeling is terrible and makes them want to be careful in a relationship. If that was the case for you and you want to arrest, hug and tie up a man, just read our 3 sympathies right away.

Spell to retain a man with photo

This spell is used to tie a man and leave him at your feet. With her, the man will simply not want another woman, he will not even try to look at the others.

It’s a strong ritual that uses a photo to bind you permanently, for at least as long as you want.

It’s simple, but it has to be done with a lot of faith to work. So don’t waste any more time and follow our step by step right away.


1 photo of the man;
your urine;
Red rose petals;
3 spoonfuls of sugar;
3 tablespoons of honey;
Glass jar with lid.

For this first spell you will need a photo of this man alone. These days this is simple to pack up and print, so you shouldn’t have any major problems with this step.

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If you already have the photo, place it inside the glass jar and pour a few drops of urine on top.

Pour several red rose petals, 3 tablespoons of sugar, and 3 tablespoons of honey into the jar.

Before closing the pot, grab it with both hands and say “(man’s name), so you never escape my charms and love.” .

Close that jar and leave it in a nice garden, but where no one goes. The important thing is to have a lot of vegetation, very green, so that your love grows and lives with it!

Left foot ritual to retain and tie a man forever

This spell is one of the strongest you can do, but you should only use it in emergencies. It should not be done with light love and in which you are not sure if you want to be with that person.

I say this because it has very strong effects and some of them can take years to wear off. So if you don’t want to be with this person, you have to find a way to undo it.

So, if you are determined to proceed, check below all the materials for this strong spell to bind a man forever.


1 photo of the man to be tied up;
Blue pen

Start by writing the name of the man to tie 3 times on the sole of the foot. It has to be on the back, on the heel.

Now, place the photograph on the floor and step several times in succession with your left foot, and say the following words:

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“Under my left foot I hold you, I bind you and I maintain you by the power of the 13 blessed souls. So be it. That you come looking for me 24 hours a day, saying that you love me and that you want to stay with me forever. Until you come, you won’t eat, you won’t sleep, and you won’t have desires for anyone but me. That’s what it will be like!”

When you’re done, you can save the photo to your wallet. You should always walk with her so that sympathy has long lasting effects.

Can a spell to bind and hold a man go wrong?

We have some readers who are afraid of casting spells. They are afraid that something will go wrong, such as receiving negative effects or they are afraid that the person will find out.

Fortunately, we can say that you don’t have to worry about it.

You will not receive any bad energy or bad luck from performing these spells. The person won’t realize you did something either, it would be incredibly difficult.

The worst that can happen is that the spell simply doesn’t work, nothing more.

There are several spells that can be done on any day and on any moon. Those in this article are some of them, but the truth is that there is a moon to increase its power.

The waning moon phase strengthens any work of white magic. It can even be done on another day, but that phase of the moon will have even more power than usual.

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So if you can do it on the waning moon, do it. This will bring more strength and power to your ritual, regardless of its purpose.

In love, nothing is impossible, especially with the help of a powerful spell to bind, arrest and hold a man, married or not.

Therefore, always enjoy all the powers of the mystical world. He can change your life overnight, he just uses the right spells.


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