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Amulet with a Key to Win a Trial or Lawsuit

One of the most important amulets to take into account when going to court is a key, you can take a key with you, however you must do a ritual beforehand.

It is really well known that the keys symbolize opening the paths and new horizons positively, for this reason, it is essential to take them into importance with great faith and devotion. The key is the best talisman to succeed in a trial, but we must first do the ritual.

What do we need to make an amulet to succeed in a trial?

We are going to need the following ingredients:

Half a glass of sugar A few parsley, bay or rue leaves (These plants bring good luck in legal and judicial matters) A glass jar Salt A green or yellow candle, which are the colors associated with judicial and legal triumph A piece of paper A pen A key (any will do, but if it’s old it’s better)

We must do this ritual with total faith and devotion in the positive results that we are going to obtain.

How to do the ritual to make an amulet to win in court

We will start by making a circle with the salt so that we can put the candle in the center, after lighting it. In the glass jar that should be empty we are going to put the paper on which we will have written our name and surname asking the almighty to triumph in the trial and defeat the present and future judicial process.

On top of the paper we will put the key and cover it completely with sugar. Once the paper and the key are covered with sugar, we will proceed to pour 8 drops, (8 is a number of power), on top of the sugar to knock down all misfortune and win the trial. In the upper part, place the rue or laurel leaves (put 8 leaves) we are going to let the candle burn out completely, while with our hands, located on the jar, we visualize ourselves as winners of the trial or lawsuit.

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We visualize that everything works out at our convenience. We visualize ourselves feeling like winners. We have no doubts, this is not a wish, the result of the trial is already a reality. Everything has gone as we want. When the candle is finished consuming you must deposit the jar outside your house, on a balcony, in a window, anywhere else. The jar should receive sunlight for a day.

Then remove the remains of wax and salt take them to the trash. Keep the key as it will be your mulet. Clean the plate and the tray, once night falls you must pick up the jar and the ritual will be completed.

The key from this moment will be your amulet, which will give you luck in the trial since you must carry it with you when it is held. You can carry it as a pendant or simply in your pocket, the main thing is that you carry it with you, if you perform this ritual with faith you will see the positive results that this amulet to win a trial brings to you.

In addition to the amulet, we must be impregnated with a lot of faith and devotion, since these are key and decisive moments where we must be hand in hand with God, we must also be in the hand of the Angels. For this reason, it is essential to make the talisman with faith, with devotion and with deep recognition, however, in parallel, we must also carry it with a lot of faith, since the amulet does not do everything, the amulet is only a part, the rest is done by our faith.

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Conclusion: The key is the best amulet to succeed in a trial, however this key must be consecrated before with the previous ritual, to strengthen its power, so that everything positive comes to us. But remember that this talisman must be reinforced with our faith and each of the positive energies that our cosmos has to offer us just like our God.

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