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17 Reports of people who took unusual things to a party and became the star of the night

Whenever we go to a meeting or a party with friends or family, it is polite to bring something to eat or drink to share with the other guests. But some people even go beyond that and take things that at first seem strange, but in the end end up turning the night into a big event.

We, from awesome.club, we love a party, that’s why we separated 17 reports of people who took unusual things to a party and simply rocked it. Prepare to have some ideas.

When I worked at Wendy’s, I packed up all the food that would be thrown away and took it to friends’ houses. Some people still tell me stories about how one day a bag full of chicken nuggets appeared out of nowhere and “saved” someone’s life, hahaha. A 12-pack of tacos from Taco Bell is often the lifeline these days. Sandwiches, always sandwiches. Especially if you’re going to be late. ©alleycatkill*r/RedditAt my daughter’s 15th birthday party, a guy showed up with a heavy-looking backpack. I immediately thought he was bringing drinks and watched intently. No, it was ice cream and frozen sandwiches, since the party was going to be outdoors, in the middle of summer. This one knows things. ©handsoffmypublicland/RedditWhen I was 16, I threw my first Halloween party. One of the guests is one of my best friends these days, but back then we still didn’t know each other very well. She arrived with a handmade teddy bear with candy inside and said that when her mother found out that she had been invited to a party, she said she couldn’t arrive empty-handed and quickly made the teddy bear. They both knew it wasn’t my birthday, that it was just a Halloween party, which made it even more special. I still have the bear, over 10 years later. Bottom line: handmade teddy bears are uncommon at parties. ©TwiceUponADecember/Reddit
My flatmates and I went to a party at the university. A friend of a friend resigned from KFC that night and arrived later. He brought out six buckets of chicken, huge trays full of toppings, and loads of chocolate cake for dessert. In addition to becoming a legend, he was the hero of the party. ©ghostngraveyard/RedditWaffles and cinnamon bun. I made it once and everyone loved it. ©amjenn4x/RedditWe had a Christmas party every year and there were always between 50 and 60 people. The party ended around 3 or 4 in the morning. Since they were all in their mid-30s, it was perfect. At a party, around 1 am, my friend turned off the music and said it was time to take a five-minute cleaning break. Each one cleaned what was in front of them for 90 to 120 seconds, a way to fill the dishwasher and leave the sink empty. Of course, someone always complained because their drink had been thrown away. Everyone laughed during that time. After a while, they turned the music back on. My wife and I never had to do anything other than empty the dishwasher the next day. Some people even vacuumed at 4am before leaving. We are very lucky to know people who value our home and who don’t think we always have to do everything. ©FreddyF2/Reddit
I met a guy who always brought a deck of cards and taught a new game, easy to learn and that could be played with many people. Everyone was having a great time. ©barbaramillicent/RedditA pinata. My partner took one to a friend’s party and I died of embarrassment. But it was a great success! Besides the kids, all the 30 year olds had a lot of fun hitting the pinata with boxing gloves. I recommend. ©Hippos-n-Corgis/RedditOne of my friends would always bring out different giant teddy bears for people to take pictures of. At the end of the night, I made a photo collage and gave it to the host. Over time he got more creative and started creating backgrounds for photos. Our themed parties were so much fun, especially since everyone loved taking pictures. ©Edge80/Reddit
I always carry a tray with cut watermelon. The others bring drinks, fries and hamburgers, but when the fresh watermelon arrives, everyone is desperate for a slice. ©AndyVale/Reddit In my office we had “courtesy days”. People passed a sheet of paper for us to write what we were going to take, so that no one would take it folded. One day, I put it on the sheet that would take bread and butter. The night before, I turned on the bread maker and baked two different herb loaves. In the office, I cut the loaves into slices, put them in the oven to warm up and buttered them. It all disappeared quickly, and people were left commenting, “I thought it was a joke, but it was delicious.” ©fredzout/Reddit In 2007, I went to a birthday party that quickly got boring. I approached the host and asked if I could get my Wii. He said yes. I plugged it in and for hours everyone started taking turns playing Wii Sports. ©tvkyle/Reddit

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