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17 beauty products to try at least once in your life

New and varied beauty products appear every month for the most diverse female (and male as well) purposes. However, in the midst of so much newness, there are some that stand out, and there are also many old and traditional products that never cease to be a beauty “must have”.

Even among the brands in the beauty industry, each one has, in its collections, one, two or three products or even an entire line that ends up conquering many fans, whether for its quality, versatility, colors, durability or even the ease of application.

And in each segment of makeup, body care and hair, there are the best sellers, like the blush or the most loved shampoo among the vain, bloggers and experts in the field.

To discover some of these all-time favorites, check out the following list that features products from these three categories and invest in the ones that catch your eye the most.

1. NARS Blush

NARS blushes have high quality and pigmentation. The Orgasm color has become a darling among women especially as it is one of the favorite blushes of beauty bloggers. Its color is a pinkish/coral tone that has golden shimmers, which gives the skin a smooth and sensual tone. There is also a NARS highlighter of the same name that is also a big hit. Orgasm color suits most light to medium skin tones. For brunettes and blacks, the ideal is to opt for the colors Dolce Vita, Taos or Amour.

Price: R$135 at Sephora

2. MAC lipsticks

MAC lipsticks are a big phenomenon. Its durability and pigmentation made the heads of vain women, makeup artists and bloggers. The variety of textures among the lipsticks is one of the brand’s greatest strengths. There are matte, creamy, semi-matte lipsticks, among other options – one for each female preference. Among the most popular colors are Ruby Woo, Russian Red, Girl About Town, Diva, Candy Yum Yum and Please Me.

Price: R$66 on MAC

3. L’Oréal BB Cream

Aiming at practicality in women’s daily lives, the cosmetics industry has brought BB cream as a solution for those who need to take care of their skin and make it uniform without spending too much time applying different products. L’Oréal’s BB cream, in this sense, promises to hydrate, smooth imperfections, even out and brighten the skin, prevent shine and also promote protection against UV rays (FPS 20). He became a great darling of Brazilian women for having a friendly price and fulfilling his duties well.

Price: R$29.90 at Americanas

4. Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation

Revlon liquid foundation is already traditional on the market for having a reasonable price, medium to high coverage and incredible durability. In the 24h version, its durability is even greater. Another advantage is that it has a good range of shade variations, which allows every woman to find her ideal shade in the collection.

Price: R$63.96 at Araujo

5. Maybelline Colossal Mascara

This is one of the most respected and recommended mascaras in the beauty world. It has an effect that gives volume, but at the same time it also lengthens, it all depends on how you apply it. Currently, there is a version of it called “Super film”, with a technology that, according to the manufacturer, facilitates removal. It’s definitely a mask worth it.

Price: R$25.90 at Renner

6. Urban Decay Naked Palettes

Naked eyeshadow palettes are one of the objects of desire for anyone who loves makeup. The traditional Naked ones have 3 versions: Naked 1, Naked 2 and Naked 3. Each one has its variations of neutral and shimmering tones. They are ideal for those who like to elaborate on makeup, but don’t really like the most colorful and flashy shadows. Despite the price, the quality of the product makes the purchase worthwhile.

Price: R$199 (Naked 1) at Sephora

7. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion eyeshadow primer

If you love eyeshadows and hate it when they don’t “show up” in your eyes, this product is for you. With the UD primer, the eyeshadow really stands out on the lid and its color shows through the makeup. According to the manufacturer, the product increases the durability of the eyeshadow for up to 24 hours, in addition to not letting it accumulate in the corners.

Price: R$94 at Sephora

8. Sigma Brushes

Sigma makeup brushes are of excellent quality and precision, in addition to having several options, one for each purpose or desired finish. Their kits are not very affordable in terms of price, but it is certainly a worthwhile investment, as the softness of the bristles is undeniable.

Price: $159 (Essential Kit) at Sigma

9. Sephora Collection Shopping Bag Palettes

For those who enjoy doing well-crafted makeup and want to have lots of different eyeshadow colors for a change, Sephora’s shopping bag palettes are a good investment. They have several options with different amounts of shadows and some versions also bring color gloss and blush/illuminator.

Price: R$99 at Sephora

10. Benefit High Beam Illuminator

Benefit’s creamy highlighter is an unquestionable hit with bloggers and makeup artists. It has a rosy tone and an incredible shine, which makes any skin look amazing. It’s easy to use because it’s creamy. Just apply a few drops to the desired area and spread lightly.

Price: R$129 at Sephora

11. MUFE Aqua Brow Brow Concealer

Make Up For Ever has an ideal product to fill in eyebrows without leaving it too artificial. It is a corrective paste that can be applied with a fine beveled brush to outline the design of the eyebrows. In Brazil, it is sold in three different shades. The great advantage of the product is that in addition to being easy to apply, it has a long-lasting formula.

Price: R$95 at Sephora

12. Beauty Blender Sponge

The Beauty Blender sponge is a great ally at the time of makeup. It can be used to apply foundation and concealer or to give a more natural finish after applying liquid or cream products with your finger or brushes. The good news is that although the original requires a high investment, there is already a huge variety of similar sponges on the market at lower prices.

Price: R$133.90 at Bora Colega Shop

13. Bed Head TIGI Hair Products

Those who like to change their hair style and take care of their locks can’t help but try the different products from Tigi’s Bed Head line. One of the flagships of the line is the After Party leave-in, which promises to improve the smell and texture of the hair after a night out or party. In addition, Bed Head has finishers, ointments, multi-purpose sprays, shampoos, conditioners and treatment masks.

Price: R$125.90 (After Party) at Beleza na Web

14. Silicon Mix Moisturizing Mask

The Silicon Mix homemade hydration mask is an undisputed success among bloggers. After being named as one of the products that beauty guru Camila Coelho uses in her hair, Silicon Mix has become a fever among Brazilian women. It can be used in every wash as a conditioner or as an intense weekly hydration.

Price: R$34.49 at the Fabulous Store

15. Tweezerman tweezers

Tweezerman is a brand known and respected worldwide for its high precision, strength and quality tweezers. Recommended by bloggers and beauticians, their tweezers are made with a stainless steel tip and have a shape and shaft that make it easy to remove hair without breaking it. It’s a great investment for those who like to pluck their own eyebrows or the dreaded fluff hairs.

Price: R$44.90 (mini tweezers) at The Beauty Box

16. Clarisonic Electric Facial Scrub

Clarisonic appliances are indicated to gently exfoliate and polish the face, removing the layer of “dead” skin. There are several models, what differentiates them are the sizes, prices and amount of speeds available. Its use is indicated every 15 days, however, it is advisable to consult your dermatologist before adopting the device in your beauty ritual, since each skin has different needs and characteristics.

Price: R$ 495 (Mia 2) at Bora Colega Shop

17. Chanel perfume no. 5

Worn and enshrined on the skin of none other than Marilyn Monroe, the perfume is a timeless classic. Its aroma has notes of jasmine and lily and can be considered a “strong” perfume, being more suitable for use in winter and at night. Some people love it and some people hate it, so it’s worth trying it out and finding out if you’re also at home with the fragrance that, according to its creator Coco Chanel, is a perfume with a woman’s scent.

Price: $98 at Nordstrom

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