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Haircuts and hairstyles that age your look

Capable of changing the face, marking the personality and valuing even more female beauty, hair allows countless variations between cuts, colors and hairstyles, which can completely affect the perception that a woman has of herself and how she is seen by others. people.

For parties and social events that require more sophisticated hairstyles, it is normal for each woman to have her favorite style or to show some image of reference to the hairstylist who will do the grooming.

However, although this practice facilitates the professional’s work, the result may not come out as expected, since the personal characteristics of each person influence the final image. Of the many concerns that a different style can cause, it is possible that the appearance of age is one that affects women at all stages of life.

On the subject, professional Vitor Alperh from the carioca salon Jacques Janine says that the aspects of the hair that most collaborate in impressions are style and texture. “A well-finished cut, with the ideal size and shape for a woman, brings the sensation of a well-groomed appearance and years rescued”, he explains. The visagist consultant Rodrigo Banqueri, from The SPA, in São Paulo, adds that there is no type of restriction on hairstyles due to age: “a personalized and coherent work can bring harmony to the physical characteristics and the context that will be attended”, he concludes. .

In this way, it is perfectly possible that every woman can approach the desired age with a good production. To do so, it is enough that the brands of each type of hairstyle are taken into account so that the hair is aligned with the desired appearance.

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The choice of cut

“In young women, long and straight hair conveys an adolescent look, while the long layered hair, with movement and volume, makes the woman more seductive, like a ‘woman’”, specifies Banqueri.

“In more mature women, medium hair in more elegant cuts gives an air of seriousness. The most peaked ones, for being dynamic, print modernity to the image. Short cuts rejuvenate the image, leave the woman with a more daring and independent expression, in addition to provoking a cleaner air, valuing shoulders, lap and neck”, exemplifies the visagist.

5 hairstyles that mature

To find out which are the best types of hairstyle for each age-appearance intention, who gives the recommendations is the visagist Daniela Neves, from Studio Elite, in Rio de Janeiro, who considers that any type of more sophisticated arrangement in the hair already causes the impression of older age due to the concern with tidiness.

1. All arrested

Hair all tied up lends a more classic look to the look, which can make a more serious and, consequently, older impression. In addition, Vitor Alperh notes that this hairstyle leaves expression lines more exposed.

2. Volume at the root

The main element of voluminous hairstyles at the root is hairspray, a product that, unanimously among the three professionals, is a guarantee of a heavier production that refers to past decades.

3. Half-inmate

Hairstyles that don’t hold your hair completely are the right bet for more modern and sensual productions. However, despite giving a more youthful look to the appearance, Daniela says that, for the sake of style, they may not suit women who are over 60 years old.

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4. Messy bun

Reinventing a traditional and very elegant style, the messy bun is also ideal for women who feel safe to innovate and bet on more modern styles, without too much alignment and rigidity with the hairstyle.

5. Loose wires

For those women who don’t give up a more classic hairstyle and love pinned hair, a good alternative is to leave just a few strands loose, which already gives more lightness to the arrangement, softening the formality of total pins, which is often related to age. .

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