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12 Wonderful Feelings Only Anyone Who’s a Girl’s Father Knows

If there’s one thing parents who have daughters know all too well, it’s that life with them is full of challenges and surprises. Having a girl at home is experiencing witty adventures, explosions of feelings, demonstrations of tenderness and a lot, a lot of complicity.

we from awesome.club we’ve gathered some of the sweetest moments a father experiences with his daughter, and we want to share them with our readers! We believe it will bring a little happiness and sweetness to your day!

1. Know it’s a girl!

There is no doubt that a man’s life changes completely when he finds out he is going to be the father of a girl, either through an ultrasound or at the time of delivery. From that moment, your sweetest and most tender side comes to the fore. It is possible to see this dad thrilled with the sweet wait for his daughter, “catching” him decorating the room, buying a piece of clothing here and another there, or choosing with great affection the name of his little one. In any case, the news of the arrival of a little girl changes the whole routine.

2. Take her to the beach

Taking her daughter to the beach for the first time is an emotional experience for both her and her father. Seeing the expression on her face when she sees the sea, the restless curiosity in the sand and the surprise in her eyes with each sea breeze are facts that make up a series of absolutely enchanting moments. And unforgettable.

3. First hear her say “Daddy”

When a girl says the word “daddy” for the first time, it’s as if the gates of paradise have opened for him. It’s not just the special way she’s going to call him all her life. It is the word she will dedicate to him alone, of all the people in the world. In addition, it also brings the feeling of everything that this relationship represents for both: care, affection, affection, security and love.

4. Watch her fall asleep in your arms

Nothing is more charming than seeing your little girl sleeping in your arms. It’s the moment her father feels how small she is, and how strong he must be to protect her from everything.

5. Try new flavors for the first time

Trying ice cream, chocolate, cake or lemon for the first time are some of the funniest things a father can share with his little girl. He can always show you unique, delicious and different flavors.

6. Play and build imaginary worlds!

Who better than dad to transform into a magical dragon or a mighty superhero? Undoubtedly, spending entire afternoons playing is one of the most beautiful marks a father can leave in his daughter’s history and memory: the ability to imagine and create.

7. Comb it

Hairstyling time can be a challenge for a parent. However, the trial and the effort lead him to be able to create the best looks and styles for his little girl.

8. Take her to her first day of school

Although for some parents it is a little painful to take their little one to the first day of school, there is no doubt that walking hand in hand carrying a backpack to the entrance of the school is an unforgettable moment. Dad will always give his daughter the security she needs to face the fear of school (and others that come throughout life).

9. Dance!

Whether rehearsing a pop routine or dancing a gentle waltz, a father will always enjoy sharing a dance moment with his daughter. It doesn’t matter if he’s not very good at it: he will always strive to show his best steps and look his best to make you proud!

10. Prepare a dessert

The kitchen is the best place to create experiences and memories that are as surprising as they are delicious. How about preparing a dessert and then watching a movie together? Fun is guaranteed!

11. Read together

Books are much more enjoyable when read by those we love. Lying in the middle of the room, listening to great stories told in daddy’s voice, makes any little girl happy!

12. Seeing her prefer to spend time with you over no one else

What father is not overjoyed when his daughter would rather be with him than go anywhere else? There is even a stage in life when girls prefer their father over their mother, which is absolutely normal.

Now that parenting models have changed and fathers are much more involved in the care and attention of their children, it is wonderful to share fatherhood. Furthermore, the bonds that are created between a father and his daughter are very important and irreplaceable. A child loved and protected by his parents tends to be more successful in all areas of life.

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