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Why are airplane seats almost always blue?

Have you ever paid attention to the color of the seats on the plane? They are almost always blue and the exception to this rule happens very rarely. It can be assumed that this tone is associated with the sky, however it is not so easy. It is something more precise, simpler, but unexpected.

O awesome.club discovered this secret and we look forward to giving you the answer. At the end of the article, a bonus awaits you: let’s talk about how to choose a pleasant place during your flight.

So why are they blue?

The first blue seat on an airplane appeared a few decades ago, and now virtually every airline in the world has upholstery in exactly this color. In the opinion of a British scientist, blue is associated with most people for its reliability and safety, which is very important even for passengers who are not afraid of flying. Furthermore, according to a survey, 90% of people judge a company’s attractiveness solely by the airline’s colors.

The decision to upholster the seats in blue tones is practically justified: less dirt, stains and wear can be seen on the seats in this tone. This means they can be used longer than chairs covered with a clear fabric. And in business class cabins it is quite common to find a tapestry in pastel tones, since in them passengers fly less frequently and therefore the fabrics wear out more slowly.

Interesting fact: in the 1970s and 1980s, some airlines decided to upholster airplane seats with red fabric. However, it was later changed to blue, since, according to the opinion of the air operators, the other color increased the degree of aggression in passengers.

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Fabric or leather?

Regarding the materials with which the seats can be covered, they can be artificial leather and fabric. As a general rule, for planes that perform long flights (for example, ocean liners), padded fabric seats are used, which allow the skin to breathe. That way, you won’t get sweaty and you’ll feel more comfortable.

And for short air travel, artificial leather is usually used. Its advantage is that it is more durable and spilled drinks do not leave stains as they are not absorbed.

Interesting fact: the towel that is placed on the back of the armchair, where the head makes contact, is called an anti-macassar. The term for this accessory, which was used on furniture in Victorian-era England, came from the so-called Macassar oil, which men used to comb their hair. This liquid was so greasy that it stained the seats. To avoid stains on expensive furniture, towels were placed on the headboards.

Why is there not always one in a place with a window?

Have you ever had the privilege of sitting in an armchair by the window, and in doing so, not seeing anything in it, as it was level with the seatback, or even a little behind it?

What happens is that airlines want to put as many seats in the cabin as possible. Companies that develop and build airplanes give recommendations to airlines for installing rows of seats. However, virtually no one follows them.

Special guides, located on the floor of the aircraft, allow seats to be installed in whatever way is most convenient, and this is something that airlines take advantage of.

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Bonus: How to choose the best airplane seat

As we have already discovered, the position of the seats depends on the will, and it could also be said, on the avarice of the airlines. Therefore, choosing a comfortable place does not seem to be a simple task. However, dealing with it is completely possible.

There are special websites where you can see real photos of the location of seats on the plane in some companies. They’ll help you determine if you can enjoy the view from the window, or if you’ll have to constantly lean out to see the sights outside the plane. If you don’t want to hear the engine noise, choose a seat near the nose of the plane. In this case, you may need to hear the flight attendants’ conversations, but they are unlikely to be louder than the sound of the aircraft in operation. If you couldn’t choose this place, sit next to the hallway, it’s quieter there than next to the window. The seats at the beginning of the cabin have one more advantage: the distribution of food will start there and, occupying one of these seats, there will be a greater variety of dishes. Passengers at the end often have to choose between fish and chicken. If you are taller than average, be sure to sit next to the emergency exit. There’s more space between the rows of seats, and you won’t have to stay the entire flight with your knees touching your ears. At the same time, it can be said that this row located next to the emergency exit is the best choice, as the seats do not recline and, in the event of an evacuation, there will be no interference whatsoever.

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