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Why some people have multiple partners at the same time, according to psychologists

In the state of nature, people were generally polygamous. While most people today prefer to have only one partner at a time, others seem to enjoy having several at the same time. A popular example of this type of couple is Will Smith and his wife. Despite being married for over 20 years and having two children, they do not hide the fact that they have different partners and still a happy marriage.

we, from awesome.club, we look forward to discussing the reasons behind an open relationship and its potential pitfalls.

the meaning of polyamory

Polyamory is an open, non-monogamous type of relationship where people have multiple loving and intentional relationships at the same time. In these arrangements, the partners are usually aware that each has other relationships. This means that polyamory is not about cheating on the other, but about maintaining an open and honest relationship with your partner.

Open relationships can make some people happy.

In monogamy, people cannot imagine their partner dating someone else. Nonetheless, researches show that polyamorous couples feel very happy in this type of relationship. People in open relationships are supposed to be just as happy and satisfied with their relationships as people who choose monogamy. Interestingly, in general, polyamorous people seem to have a higher level of trust.

Polyamory involves a lot of communication

Talking to your partner is a crucial factor, and it’s no different in polyamorous relationships. As couples must be open and honest with each other above all to maintain trust, this makes them even closer. Thus, having a non-monogamous arrangement involves a lot of conversations that make partner relationships deeper and stronger. Studies even show that polyamorous people have best communication skills.

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Different partners can satisfy different needs

The psychological profiles of people in open relationships suggest that may have more emotional needs unmet by a single person. Sometimes it is difficult to find a person capable of satisfying all their needs and, therefore, non-monogamous subjects satisfy their different needs with different relationships.

Polyamory may not be right for everyone

Some advocates of polyamory believe that the value of the classic relationship between two partners “is out of fashion.” Sometimes young people become polyamorous because they want to experience a new kind of connection. And, after gaining new experiences, they often revert to monogamy.

The Disadvantages of Polyamory

In addition to the potential benefits, this type of relationship can also have some disadvantages. First of all, if the person is not ready for it, they may feel uncomfortable with this relationship structure. Secondly, when someone is adept at polyamory, they may find it more difficult to start a family because not all partners can agree on this issue. And finally, open relationships can sometimes be emotionally burdensome, as you’ll have to dedicate yourself to more than one person.

Do you believe that in the future people will be more polygamous than they are now?

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