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Say a prayer to find a soul mate and live a love story – Blog

Usually when we think of prayers to find love, Saint Anthony, angels and other saints come to mind. They are great and they can help us in many ways.
But there are other powerful cultures that can bring about a healthy, happy and passionate relationship.

Gypsies are romantic and believe in eternal love, so if you want to find your soulmate, try saying this prayer for Triana, who is the gypsy of love.

Prayer to find a soul mate

“My shining star, the one that shines brightest in the sky.
Go to the heart of someone who still believes in love.
With the colored ribbons of the gypsy people, bring that person to me.
With honey and gypsy wine I reach you through time, who needs my love.
Someone who will love me intensely, however, will know how to be sweet and gentle with me.
May the energy of Gypsy Triana bring you to me.
I offer Trina this offering as one offers a cup of love.
Someone who is thirsty for love will arrive with the energy of a fierce lion,
But he will be gentle as a ram to me. It will come and envelop me with force
Of hot love. It will arrive to free the gypsy soul that exists in me and so we can
Take the road of love. Triana, may her strength be present, opening my paths
So that I can live a gypsy love.”

For this prayer to bring a soul mate to be even more effective, place a glass of red wine and a small pot of honey on your altar to offer to Triana. Light a pink candle, which will anchor the energy of love, and let it burn for 7 days. Be careful not to light it near wood or paper.

Be optimistic and visualize a person with the characteristics you’ve always dreamed of arriving and making you very happy forever.

This will ensure that only good people approach you and win your heart.

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