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How to win the love of my life? – Blog

Love appears when we least expect it. Sometimes it arrives as something easy to distinguish and to deal with. But it can also seem confusing, messing with our heads and messing with our hearts. It can come as a troubled relationship that plays with feelings of love and hate, or simply as a calm and peaceful situation. However, regardless of the way it appears, it is very important to know how to win the love of my life.

And how to win the love of your life?

When we fall in love, we lose track of things a little and focus only on conquering the loved one. Because of this, we do things that we think are ridiculous, even without caring what others think, we only care about what our suitor thinks and deserves. There is a limit and also a series of things you can do to conquer it, without having to embarrass yourself.

Three Essential Things Before Finding the Love of Your Life

  1. Discover who you really are: Before getting involved with someone, you need to know yourself better, in addition to loving yourself a lot, you need to know your biggest flaw and your greatest quality. This will show him your best and, at the same time, prepare him to know your worst.
  2. Know who you really want: Sometimes if you want the “x” type of man, but lately you only get involved with “y” men, that’s only happening because there’s something wrong with your real choice. You have to stop and think “is man ‘x’ what I really want? ”, because you may be looking for that straight, cute guy, who treats you as unique, but unfortunately what really attracts us is the bad boy. Be honest, who do you want for your life?
  3. Certainty of the love you want to have: The story of “we don’t choose who we love” is all a lie. Nobody loves another person just by looking at them. To love someone you have to live, if she has something that you don’t like, you can choose not to get involved, preventing passion from turning into love. Know what kind of love you’re looking for, the kind of guy who would be perfect for you. By doing this, you will be able to focus on finding people of this profile and avoid wasting time with those who will not please you.
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Do you already know what you really want, but don’t know what to do to conquer that person?

Check out tips to help you win the love of your life

How to win the love of my life? go after him

Before you can win the love of your life, you need to find him. Fact. But don’t wait for it to fall from the sky. Go out, go have fun, clubbing, shopping, lectures. Regardless of the place, I went out to find him. Preferably, go to your favorite places, so that when you meet him, you already know that you have something in common.

How to win the love of my life? be good with life

Hardly anyone will fall in love with someone who only complains, and who is moody all the time. So be happy, happy, understand that there are problems in life, and that one day or another everything will seem impossible, but that being angry will not change anything. Try to see the positive side of life, as there will always be something good in every aspect.

How to win the love of my life? Go listen more

In every relationship, conversation is essential, but just talking and talking doesn’t make it a dialogue. So listen to people more, that way you will become more understanding. You will be able to help others by giving advice and do the same with your partner. That way he will know that he can vent to you whenever he needs to, creating a relationship of trust.

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How to win the love of my life? Be honest

Trust is everything in a relationship, and to earn it, you need to be honest with each other, always. Make him fall in love with who you really are, by attitudes and habits you have. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, don’t change just to please, because if the relationship works out and materializes, it will be difficult to keep this lie for a long time.

How to win the love of my life? declare yourself directly

He will never know your feelings if you don’t tell him. Understand that men sometimes may not notice these obvious signs that a woman shows to attract them. If you’ve tried to seduce or charm him and the signs haven’t been interpreted, maybe it’s time to tell him how you really feel. Declare yourself and don’t be afraid.

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