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Which piercing hurts the most? We made a ranking!

Obviously there are more sensitive body sites, but pain is something very individual and varies from person to person.

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And, well, based on real facts, we, here at M/ Trends, did an informal survey and tell you which places can be ~more sore~. Ah, enjoy and draw inspiration from the images! <3

11. Nose.

This one doesn’t hurt at all, see? Good to start…

10. Eyebrow.

In addition to being a place less likely to get infected, getting your eyebrow pierced is usually pretty peaceful.

9. Ear.

Those who already have a pierced ear will not even be bothered by the pain.

8. Language.

The healing process is far more annoying than the pain.

7. Navel

A success in the early 2000s, the navel piercing is already making a comeback in style. It hurts medium.

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6. Labret

So cute, isn’t it? The pain isn’t there either.

5. Never.

Maybe having to keep your head down is more uncomfortable than the pain.

4. Smiley.

A little more sore than the tongue.


It’s a very uncomfortable ~sting~, see?

2. Septum

It’s a strong pain that makes a tear fall, but it passes very quickly.

1. Nipple.


It hurts, but it HURTS A LOT.

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