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30 pegboard inspirations to optimize space and organize your home

Do you already know the pegboard? It is a board, which can be made of different materials and has holes that help organize things. In addition to making the environment cuter, it is very functional, as you can hook decoration items, work, kitchen and more. It’s perfect for optimizing space and improving organization!

how to make pegboard

You can use the pegboard in different environments. We have selected some tutorials for you to make your homemade version. Vary the materials and find the one that best suits your environment. Also, pay attention to the measurements and ways to fasten it, to be very firm and fixed. So check out some options:

wooden pegboard

If it is easier for you to find a wooden board, it is also possible to start from scratch. You will need to measure everything, make the markings and drill holes. After this process, she undergoes a treatment to be smooth and uniform. The result is beautiful with wooden sticks to make the supports.

perforated sheet metal pegboard

You can find the perforated sheet metal cutter at some construction utility stores. It is cut to the desired size, making it perfect for your environment. After that, just frame it with pvc channels and give it a more beautiful finish. To support the objects, just use hooks and screws.

Pegboard with shelves and hooks

Here, we have another panel tutorial with holes ready. This option is practical and perfect for those who don’t want to have a lot of work. To leave your pegboard with your face, bet on a painting to match the chosen environment. Then just complete with the shelves and hooks.

painted pegboard

In this tutorial, the panel is spray painted to make everything more cheerful and colorful. The tip is to use existing colors in your decor and create beautiful geometric shapes to make it very modern. This is a great way to combine functionality with beauty.

It’s worth venturing out and having this practical object at home. Regardless of the room, it has a great use.

Where can you buy pegboard

If you’re not a fan of crafts, you can find the pegboard ready to buy. There are different options for colors, materials, sizes and supports. Check out some stores that have this item available:

  1. Pegboard and other accessories, on Aliexpress Store
  2. Pegboard and hooks, at the Amazon Store
  3. Wooden pegboard, at Loja Americanas
  4. Pegboards with different formats, at the Submarino Store

Already added this item to your cart? You will not regret. It adapts to any style, gender or age. All the best!

30 pegboard photos full of colors, shapes and styles

Even with some options presented above, you still can’t imagine the amount of pegboard varieties that exist. That’s why we’ve selected some options to show you that it’s possible to unleash your creativity with this stylish and versatile panel. follow up.

1. The pegboard is full of functions

2. It can make your office more harmonious and less cluttered

3. With a more different frame, it brings a vintage touch to the room.

4. Or choose a paper cord to make it cuter

5. It looks beautiful and delicate in neutral tones

6. Its main feature is functionality and organization

7. In addition to being very versatile, combining in different rooms of the house

8. If the pegboard material is wood, there are several nice options

9. Painting the wood will bring more joy and color to the environment

10. Decorating with plants is also a great choice

11. The shades of green harmonize beautifully with the wood

12. You can mix functional boxes with decor items

13. How about bringing this amazing element to the bedroom?

14. Take the opportunity to create a corner with your face

15. Or you can use it as a headboard

16. A decoration with shelves is beautiful!

17. But you can also decorate the coffee or wine corner

18. You know that boring white wall?

19. How about making her cute and organized?

20. The tip is: customize with your style

21. Leave the base smooth, coloring with the objects

22. Or even use lines to create a handmade effect

23. The wood is neutral and adapts to different decorations

24. Combine it with dark tones. It looks very elegant!

25. You can abuse and decorate as you want

26. Because in addition to organization, it facilitates access to your tools

27. In addition, the pegboard can also be used in the kitchen

28. It’s great for organizing the pans that are piled up in the closet

29. In other words, the pegboard is synonymous with practicality

30. It’s perfect for keeping your home organized without spending too much

With so many positive points, this panel needs to be part of your home. And to keep everything in place and in harmony, also check out these creative ideas for organizing objects.

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