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Vinyl skirt: 45 stylish looks for you to know how to wear the piece

The vinyl skirt is back in fashion and does not leave the wardrobe of fashionistas. The shiny fabric piece highlights the look, transforming a basic outfit into a stylish and original look. There are several models of the skirt, which allows it to be coordinated in classic looks and even the most authentic, without having to give up your own style.

If you have no idea how to use the piece, check out 47 looks with a vinyl skirt and rock the next productions!

black vinyl skirt

If you are already tired of the same look with a basic black skirt, check out these productions with a vinyl skirt. The shiny fabric takes any look out of the ordinary and you can use the piece in an evening look or combine it in a casual way for everyday wear.

1. The black vinyl skirt is trendy

2. It is possible to compose relaxed looks with the piece

3. Or else more sophisticated

4. This look is ideal for occasions that call for a special outfit

5. In mid-season you can combine it with over the knee boots

6. Or with a sweatshirt and socks

7. In order not to lose style at work, how about coordinating with a blazer?

8. Or with a casual shirt for a casual look

9. Bomber jackets combine with alternative and attitude-filled looks

10. T-shirt + vinyl skirt is a sure-fire production

11. On colder days just add a denim jacket

12. This photo proves that black and white is anything but obvious

13. If your style is discreet, bet on this combination of neutral tones

14. The cut of the piece and fishnet stockings make the look bold

15. The midi vinyl skirt is the highlight of the look

16. Vinyl skirt with sneakers is comfortable and stylish for everyday wear

17. And the combination of colorful tones takes the production out of the ordinary

18. Coordinating with neon pieces is in!

The varied models of the piece allow it to be used in different productions. Vinyl skirt combined with a basic t-shirt is a practical and stylish production. To rock a special event, coordinate with high heels and sophisticated fabric blouses.

white vinyl skirt

With a white vinyl skirt you can combine casual productions and also looks for work. See some inspirations with this piece that balances elegance and relaxation.

19. The total white look is pure elegance

20. But coordinating with printed pieces makes the look interesting

21. Or with other colored pieces and a leather jacket to complete

22. Here accessories make all the difference

23. White vinyl skirt can be combined with tights and sweater in winter

24. And it’s a practical piece to compose a casual chic look

Charming, isn’t it? For a professional look, wear it with a shirt or blazer. Printed blouses and large accessories take the look from the basics and add sophistication to the production.

red vinyl skirt

If you love authentic looks, you can’t miss a red vinyl skirt in your wardrobe. The fabric and vibrant color enhance any look, leaving them timeless and stylish. Here’s how to combine:

25. The red vinyl skirt is full of attitude

26. It is possible to compose casual looks with a vintage t-shirt

27. Or sophisticated, with a lace blouse

28. This look is discreet, but the vinyl skirt doesn’t make the combination bland

29. Pink + red is trending!

30. Just like the monochromatic look

31. This one is for those who love fashionistas and original looks

32. The high-waisted vinyl skirt looks great with a basic t-shirt + sneakers

33. For a stylish look, how about combining it with a crop top?

34. The piece adds originality to any production

35. Even when paired with basic t-shirts

36. If you love comfort and practicality, you will fall in love with this casual production

37. And with a sophisticated blouse and booties, the look is urban and modern

38. Full of attitude, aren’t you?

To balance it out, coordinate with basic T-shirts and comfortable sneakers. But, if what you want is to dare, bet on the red monochromatic look or mix it with other colored pieces!

round vinyl skirt

Despite the tube model being a trend, the round vinyl skirt also appears in contemporary looks. From miniskirts to midi skirts, see how to include this piece in your style.

39. The round miniskirt is timeless

40. And looks can be delicate

41. Or goths, for those who like a neat look in black

42. Vinyl midi skirt can be part of stylish looks

43. And there are looks that never go out of style

44. Vinyl is the highlight of this model

45. This vinyl skirt with prints unites charm and style!

A knockout, isn’t it? For a special lunch or occasions that call for an elegant outfit, bet on the midi model coordinated with high heels. The round miniskirt gets even more prominence with vinyl and is a killer for evening events.

The cool thing about the vinyl skirt is that it can be combined in several productions without the look being too obvious. Already have your favorite? For a different and charming model, see 50 ideas with a cloud skirt.

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