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Poncho: learn to create different looks with the piece that is pure style

The poncho is a traditional garment from South American countries, such as Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil, especially the state of Rio Grande do Sul, where the cold is much more intense. It can be made from various materials such as wool, tricot, velvet or suede.

Another feature of the piece is that it resembles the model of a cape, and can be open at the front or closed, with openings only for the head and arms, thus covering the shoulders.

The poncho is a great alternative to vary between coats and jackets, as it is a super practical, comfortable and easy to wear outfit.

As it is a very versatile piece, you can wear it both on colder days, putting a coat under it, and on cooler days, with a shirt or even a dress underneath.

how to wear poncho

Check out some tips on how to wear a poncho designed in partnership with style consultant Danyla Borobia and get inspired to create several beautiful looks.

poncho with jeans

The good old jeans can be used to compose a more basic look, or elegant. It is worth noting the consultant’s tip: “this type of composition is super easy and can make the silhouette more elongated when composed with skinny jeans, if the pants have a dark wash the look will be more elegant, the poncho needs to end at the waist to give the sensation of centimeters more in the silhouette”.

Poncho with leggings

The combination of two pieces that are pure comfort, but depending on the material of the pants, the look style can vary, explains the consultant: “If the leggings are made of leather, or ecological leather, the look will be more current and sophisticated, as if the material with a more sporty feel, it is best to avoid accessories, and to leave the look modern, just pair it with patent leather boots or shoes and a poncho made of nobler material and powerful accessories”.

Poncho with tailoring

You can also be very elegant with the poncho, try combining it with a dress shirt, tailored pants or a blazer under the poncho.

And for those who want to wear the garment in the work environment, the consultant advises: “a good heel and a tighter, shorter poncho, without too much volume, will make the look more elegant, and can even go to the office, if the company’s dress code to allow”.

poncho with shorts

As with jeans, the poncho plus shorts combination leaves the look basic and practical. But if the idea is to assemble something more modern and daring, Danyla gives the tip: “the cool thing is to think of a more flashy poncho, with prints or even overlays, for example, a dress shirt with the collar tucked inside the poncho, that way the look will be more modern”.

poncho with skirt

A great option for a very feminine and even sensual production. It is best to bet on shorter skirts, suggests Danyla.

“A good trick is to let the poncho be the key piece of the look, so use and abuse prints or more flashy colors and overlays, so the look will be balanced” advises the style consultant.

poncho with dress

For cooler days, a very practical and casual look, but if the cold gets worse, the tip is to bet on the dress and tights combination.

The type of dress also makes all the difference in the look, explains Danyla: ” the cool thing about this composition is to balance the contrast of the fabrics, if the dress is lighter, with a party vibe or with the freshness of summer, a more rustic poncho will leave the more balanced look, heavier and more casual dresses go well with thinner, more delicate and feminine ponchos”.

Poncho as a single piece

The versatility of the poncho is so great that it can also be used only as a dress, but this requires some care, says the consultant: “it is necessary to pay attention to the length of the poncho, as it will sometimes be a dress. long, the material of the poncho will set the tone of the style, thinner fabrics and more feminine finishes such as lace, for example, tend to make the look more festive”.

6 ponchos to keep you warm in style

We have selected some ponchos of various styles for you to buy online.

You’ll find patterned, striped, or even single-colored ponchos. If you want to make the look more sober, for a work environment, bet on the monochromatic look, but if you want a more cool production, the tip is to play with the prints.

More inspirational poncho looks

Take the opportunity to be inspired by the looks of bloggers and put together a warm look full of style and personality with the poncho.

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