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Viking love poems

Viking love poems.

In this section dedicated to Viking love poems we must make a clarification, by the way, justified through linguistics.

The word Viking presents some curiosities. The historian Sharon H. Turner, in his 1801 work: The History of the Anglo-Saxons, claims that the word Viking is somehow connected to the English word king. This deduction is erroneous, as would be demonstrated later, although it is not without a certain elegance. The truth is that the word Viking belongs to historians more than to history.

That is to say that no one, outside of the lands of the Vikings, called this town this way. Not even the English said Viking when they referred to them. The term actually comes from the Old Norse Vikingr, which in turn is composed of the word Vik, “fjord”, and essentially means “fjord people”.

What does all this have to do with Viking love poems? Not much, except so that our justification makes some sense. For the people of the British Isles, the Vikings were, in essence, pirates from the eastern fjords, that is, from the Nordic countries but also from the Germanic peoples.

That is to say that our section of love poems, which could well refer to a more or less interesting series of Nordic love poems, must necessarily include the term Viking to justify the appearance of German poems, that is, poems created by authors who were born in the territories of ancient Germany. With this reservation made, we are ready to share some of the Viking love poems from our library, as well as some articles that may be of interest to those who want to discover more about this truly fascinating people.

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Viking love poems.

Love everywhere (Überall Liebe, Karoline von Günderrode) How to insult like a perfect Viking. Description of Perfect Beauty (Vergänglichkeit der Schönheit, Christian Hoffmann) The Dance of the Dead (Der Totentanz, Goethe) The Doppelgänger (Der Doppelgänger, Heinrich Heine) The Maiden’s Lament (Des Mädchens Klage, Friedrich Schiller) The King of the Dead elves (Der Erlkönig, Goethe) The king of Thule (Der König in Thule, Goethe) The vampire (Der Vampir, Heinrich August Ossenfelder) Strange love phrases from the Vikings. Lament at Dawn (Morgenklagen, Goethe) The Corinthian Bride (Die Braut von Korinth, Goethe) The Panther (Der Panther, Rainer Maria Rilke) Lenore (Lenore, Gottfried August Bürger) The Ravens (Die Raben, Georg Trakl) Nachtkrapp: the Viking story to send the kids to bed. Night Thoughts (Nachtgedanken, Goethe) Why the Vikings preferred blondes. May the dead rest in peace (Laß die Verstorbenen Ruhen, Kaspar Von Stieler) Ragnarok (Ragnarok, Henry Kuttner) A fantasy funeral (Eine Leichenphantasie, Friedrich Schiller) Vörðr: the guardian angel of the Vikings. Wiedergänger: the zombie of the Viking era.

Poem books. I Gothic Poems.

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