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Vegetarian Diet: 5 Proven Health Benefits Of Eating Meatless That Will Convince You

The omnivorous diet It is the most popular option. And from some sectors it is presented as the only option, but the vegetarian and vegan diets they are healthier, even for children. We tell you the most important health benefits of opting for a meat-free diet.

5 advantages of eating vegetarian

Numerous studies show that vegetable diets provide extra benefits for our health.

We also take care of the planet, since we will help reduce carbon footprint. It is estimated that the vegan diet emits half the CO2 than the carnivorous diet.

1. They lower total cholesterol and LDL

The review of 11 high-level studiospublished in Journal of the American Heart Association shows that both vegetarian and vegan diets reduce total and LDL cholesterol levels. Other systematic reviews have returned the same results.

This way prevent cardiovascular disorders.

2. They serve to lose weight

Several studies, such as the one published by the journal Diabetes Careshow that the balanced vegan diet and with B12 supplementation, it is more effective than other protocol diets to reduce weight.

They show that you can lose weight not counting calories.

3. They reduce sugar

plant-based diets lower blood glucose thanks to the abundance of fiber, according to studies such as the one carried out at George Washington University (United States) by Dr. Neal D. Barnard.

4. They increase antioxidant action

Vegetable foods produce less oxidative stress and less insulin resistance than those based on meat products. For this reason, a vegetarian diet can be especially recommended for people with diabetes.

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These are conclusions drawn from studies such as the one carried out by Lenka Belinova at the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Prague (Czech Republic).

5. They improve osteoarthritis and arthritis

Pains and other discomfort are reduced in people who follow a vegan diet rich in whole grains, compared to those who continue with their omnivorous diet.

These claims are derived from research conducted at Michigan State University (United States) and the University of Turku (Finland).

How to start being a vegetarian?

To make a smooth transition to a vegetarian diet It is important to take into account the circumstances that surround you.

For example, it would be convenient if If you live with other people, they understand your decision and respect it without questioning at every moment what you eat or stop eating.

It is also important that you have trust in diet that you are going to continue taking into account that the vegetarian diet is not only indicated to treat illnesses, but is also ideal to prevent ailments and preserve healthas we have just reviewed.

The change of diet It can be done from one day to the next or progressively. The important thing is that the diet that begins is balanced.

If the goal is to reach a classic vegetarian dietwhat is known as a diet ovolactovegetarianthe steps would be the following:

First of all you could leave the sausages, the pork in general, offal and shellfish, which are the least recommended foods. You could introduce here the vegetable pates, and even the vegetable sausages that already exist on the market as a substitute for those of animal origin, although in reality they are not essential.In a second phase, meat can be eliminated in general, replacing it with processed vegetable protein. (tofu, seitan, tempeh…) or just protein plant foods(legumes, nuts, whole grains…). In a third phase you could already stop eating fish Eggs and dairy can be kept in moderation: no more than two or three eggs per week and no more than one dairy product per day, unless personal health circumstances make it convenient to suppress dairy products. There are vegetable smoothies and derivatives of them that can substitute them culinaryly.

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To make a healthy lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, you would only have replace refined foods with whole foods as much as possibleand incorporate, if you have access to them, products from organic farming.

When designing the menu you should keep in mind that the first courses could be made up of vegetables, pasta, potatoes or cereals; the second coursesof legumes, processed vegetable protein, eggs or cheese. always accompanied by a saladwhich will preferably be taken at the start of the meal.

Also, you will find many books dedicated to vegetarian food and the preparation of vegetarian dishes. I indicate some titles that may be very useful:

Sarah Brown: The vegetarian bibleEd. RBA-Integral.The natural cookbook Ed. RBA-Integral.Dr. Andrew Weill: Do we know how to eat?Ed. Urano. Frederic Vinyes: Meat? No, thanks!», Ed. Ocean.Frances Moore Lappé: The organic dietEd. Integral Miguel Aguilar: The vegetarian diet: the path to a balanced dietEd. Today’s Topics.

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