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Value whoever looks for you and love whoever doesn’t let you go.

People who truly want to share their life with you create a healthy, reciprocal relationship.

As Bernabé Tierno says in his book Sage’s Apprenticeno one can doubt the need for love, like the need for food, air, light, water or sun. Love is a spontaneous and natural feeling; Therefore, do not forget: value those who seek you and love those who do not let you go.

It is as incoherent to demand the love of another person as it is to prohibit a person from loving us, since all love derives from spontaneity and our inner freedom. We cannot control what we feel, nor the feelings we provoke in other people.

“I propose that you do not look for me, that you find me, that you do not look at me, that you capture me, that you do not talk to me, that you feel me, that you do not love me, that you surrender, that you be you without being it at all”

-Alejandro Esparza-

When we love we do it with all our being, our intelligence, our body, our senses and, of course, our heart. It is something irresistible, which contains beauty and sometimes pain, but which always teaches us to know ourselves.

Value those who show interest in you

Sometimes it is accepted that love is suffering, that to love you have to suffer, but this is an erroneous belief that distances us from a healthy and balanced relationship. Love and share, enjoy as a couple. Love, but also keep your spacecontinue being yourself.

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With friends and with couples we accept situations in which we always have to show interest ourselvesin which only we say “I love you”, in which it seems that only we want to share things with the other person.

It is very difficult to accept that if someone does not call you it is because they do not want to talk to you, that if they look for excuses not to meet it is because they do not want to see you and that if they do not say “I love you” it is because they do not feel it.

Our ego does not accept being ignored and look for excuses such as “He will be busy”, “He hasn’t heard the phone”, “He doesn’t tell me he loves me out of fear”, but it is important to be realistic, see the situation as it is: if someone doesn’t love us or doesn’t values, we cannot force him to do so.

“Love does not need to be understood, it just needs to be shown.”

-Paulo Coelho-

On the contrary, if someone shows interest in us, cares, calls us, writes to us, we must value that interest, that sincere demonstration of affection and respect. A spontaneous display of affection is something that comes from the heartwhich makes us reflect on what is really important.

Love who wants to be by your side

A person who really wants to be by your side calls you to see how you are doing., is with you in difficult moments, looks you in the eyes and listens carefully to what you have to say, respects you and values ​​you for who you are, admires you and shows it to you. Ultimately, she loves you.

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If someone wants to be by your side, they are and day by day you can count on each other, whether it’s a partner or a friend. If you want to spend time with someone, you find them and share moments without looking at the clock, letting the hours pass without realizing it.

In the case of a couple, as Walter Riso maintains, it is important that when we love we know how to differentiate, “to be one”, which cancels out the particular to integrate into a whole, of “being emotionally united” which implies having a bond in which each person maintains their particularities and their differences.

Look for reciprocity in your relationships

For a love relationship or a relationship with a friend to work, there must be a basic exchange. Walter Riso, in his “Practical guide to not die of love,” makes an analogy with the thoughts of Aristotle and Saint Thomas and says that a just love is one that combines both distributive justice (distributing burdens and benefits proportionally among the members of the couple), such as commutative justice (avoiding fraud and fraud in any of its forms).

For Riso A relationship is based on reciprocity when: the emotional and material exchange is balanced and fairprivileges are distributed equitably, access to rights and duties is equal between the two people, none of the members tries to take advantage or exploit the other and none thinks that they deserve more than the other.

“Life has no meaning, you give it to it, with what you do, with what you are passionate about, with your dreams. “You build the universe to your measure.”

-Walter Riso-

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