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Understand why it’s not worth popping a pimple

There is a strong temptation to squeeze the inflamed, pus-filled pimple as soon as it pops into the skin. It’s not inexplicable, after all, who doesn’t feel uncomfortable with the said-whose every time they look in the mirror? Not to mention the feeling that everyone is looking at the “red light” on your face, right? But overcoming the urge to squeeze it is the best thing you can do. Understand why:

Don’t hurt your own skin

When you squeeze the pimple, it doesn’t make it go away. Momentarily it may even be, but then it comes back worse, almost in a 2.0 version. That’s because by squeezing, you force the pus out, which hurts your skin and leaves you with an open sore. The big danger is that, no matter how clean your hand is, it contains bacteria (especially under the nails) that will get into the skin and worsen acne. Moral of the story: by squeezing one, you practically guarantee the invitation for another pimple to appear. Or even more than one.

The issue of scars

After squeezing the pimple, you also end up getting a scar and this one is permanent, it will only leave your skin after a few treatments, peels and creams. In other words, it doesn’t pay off. Not to mention that, when poking the pimple, the skin gets redder and the problem ends up appearing bigger than it is.

What about skin cleansing?

It helps a lot, especially in removing blackheads. But the beautician can, yes, squeeze your skin because she has the resources for it: sterilized equipment, products that help open and clean pores and all the technique learned in many courses.

Now, ideally, skin cleansing is recommended by your dermatologist. Often, when acne is inflamed, the ideal is not even to cleanse the skin and treat the problem with oral remedies. In some cases, not even exfoliating is indicated and only your doctor knows for sure the best way to cure your acne.

How to act when the pimple appears?

When acne does not appear often and is not that big, the ideal is to apply a drying gel on it before going to bed, after cleaning the skin well. This type of product usually contains salicylic acid and benzoyl extract in its formula, two substances that help the pimple dry faster, naturally, without causing damage to the skin, since they kill the bacteria in the region, treating it from the inside out. outside.

cleaning routine

  • When you wake up, wash your face with an anti-acne soap. Then clean the skin with an astringent and apply a gel sunscreen (oil free, so it doesn’t clog pores). If your skin has more apparent acne, there are gels and creams that should be used at this time as well.
  • Before bed, clean the skin with soap and astringent and use an anti-acne ointment and drying gel.
  • Once or twice a week (according to medical recollections), use an exfoliant. It helps to remove dead skin tissue, ensuring pores are unclogged.

Always with a doctor’s prescription

All products must be prescribed by your dermatologist, ok? And never use homemade recipes to dry pimples faster, like acne toothpaste. Toothpaste has no proven effect and can still irritate your skin, making the area even redder.

Daniela Hueb

Dermatologist with specialization in Aesthetic Medicine, graduated in Medicine from the University of Alfenas/MG. Affiliated to the Brazilian Academy of Dermatology and the American Academy of Dermatology, she constantly participates in national and international courses and congresses on dermatology.

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