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Unattractive men make women happier, study finds

The physical differences that we perceive in some couples may seem strange (and even excessive), such as, for example, an ugly man with a beautiful woman or the opposite.

And although many times we don’t find sense in this type of choice, we understand that two different people, both physically and emotionally, are perfectly capable of forming a couple capable of creating a more stable and lasting relationship.

O awesome.club wants to share information from a study whose results showed that there is a relationship between the choice of a partner and a woman’s personal satisfaction.

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Florida State University (USA) conducted a study involving 113 newlyweds. The requirements to participate in this research consisted of being married for no more than four months and being approximately 20 years old.

The result of the research showed that the most attractive men tend to improve their appearance more and more, provoking a motivation in their partners that, sometimes, can become a health problem due to the level of stress caused by not feeling so attractive. as their husbands.

Each participant was asked to answer a questionnaire. The answers revealed information about the type of food they preferred and how satisfied they were with their weight and physical appearance.

Subsequently, Southern Methodist University in Texas and Florida State University studied some photographs in which it was possible to see the full body of each participant. The first university focused on assessing how attractive the face was and the second focused on physical appearance.

Perfection doesn’t matter

When a woman feels secure and her partner strengthens that confidence, there is no obsession with always having a mirror close by. The pressure to look perfect is considerably lessened compared to a relationship with a partner who is very concerned about appearance. Weight loss diets occupy a secondary place in the priorities of these women and this influences their social behavior and the way they deal with the relationship.

The study revealed that girls who are in a relationship with someone more attractive may develop eating disorders or other health problems, depending on their partner’s behavior. These women consider it important for husbands to be stable and remember how beautiful their wives are.

There is no competition with other women

One of the most striking results of this study was that it showed that women who form relationships with very attractive men feel great pressure to remain as charming as he is.

This does not happen with women who are in relationships with unattractive men, due to the trust they are able to build because of the care provided by their partner. They don’t consider it important to compete physically with other women and this leads to greater happiness. After all, they don’t care about looking sexier than their husbands or other girls. They simply enjoy the relationship.

Security wins over appearance

Surely you’ve wondered how it is possible for a woman you consider beautiful to date a man you find unattractive? In many relationships, a person’s maturity and personality become extremely attractive factors for starting a relationship. Many may consider physique the most important detail when choosing a partner. However, if a woman is attracted to the security that a man conveys to her, appearance can be completely ignored.

Most of the time, details, communication, a sense of humor and treatment become important and indispensable elements, as they are what can win any pretty face. If the focus is on caring for the couple, appearance becomes an irrelevant feature. A woman may find a mature man with a well-defined personality fascinating simply because such a man, who knows what he wants, tends to take care of his partner and be more stable in his relationships, practicing empathy and caring.

How important is the physique to you? What do you think of this study? Tell us in the comments.

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