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20 Bizarre Things People Found for Sale

O awesome.club made a compilation of the weirdest things people found for sale!

If garden gnomes aren’t good enough for you…

It’s time to send the “Thing” away

“I can’t define what color it is”

Who would buy a used child?

“Children – new and used”.

Is there really a llama game?

“The game of: sell, buy, breed, help birth, pack and show llamas”:

“That doll doesn’t look very healthy”

For those who want to have a prominent object in the living room…

Fashion and style at the same trot!

high chair with legs

The ostrich-crocodile-sheep seems to be very angry

love is…

“We need each other.”

They don’t exactly look comfortable in there…

“Sometimes two people are made for each other.”

The most awaited confrontation

“Superman vs. Muhammad Ali”.

Nightmare specialist teddy bear

“To rest your head! Literally”

“This is a rare and special variety of horror, really!”

“Forget Everything You Know About Ties”

“The Young Pope”, season two

“Today I bought this Finnish sweater”

“Here you have a reference to Star Wars

Bacon, I’m your father!


The fish had no chance…

“This is a true masterpiece”

Have you ever found crazy things for sale? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!

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