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Surprise attraction: Samba schools also rock weddings

Imagine taking all the energy of Carnival to your wedding? More and more common, the presentations of samba schools at wedding parties are excellent options for attractions to give that “up” in the ballad during the early hours.

Even though samba is not their favorite rhythm for many guests, believe me: the energy of the drums is contagious to everyone in the room.

The presentation format varies according to the couple’s personality. Most traditional samba schools offer packages with different drum formations and dancers. Smaller schools also allow the composition of a more eclectic repertoire, with classics from other rhythms.

It is worth remembering that the attraction does not dispense with the hiring of a DJ or band, as the show does not last more than an hour. Ideally, the attraction invades the dance floor at dawn, when the guests – and the bride and groom – are more comfortable.

The attraction must be contracted at least 8 months in advance and the couple must be willing to disburse amounts between R$4,000 and R$8,000, depending on the number of members in the group.

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