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Stories about parents who, through actions, proved how much they love their children

Children, even because they have a ‘sharper’ memory, tend to find it easy to relive moments when they experienced great emotions. And these moments can occur in situations that, for adults, are common and commonplace. It could be, for example, delivering a gift (even a small one) or the joy of receiving parental approval in an unexpected or difficult situation.

We, from awesome.clubwe ask our readers to share some of those unforgettable moments they experienced in childhood.



I still remember the day I was accused of stealing a girl’s wallet because she disappeared right when I went to visit her. The girl’s grandmother came to my house to talk to my father and resolve the situation. My father asked me if I had stolen or not. I replied no. He told the lady that the conversation was over and advised her to look better for her wallet. For a long time he was indignant that I was called a thief. I always knew my parents were on my side! © Vera Ryndich / Facebook


In the mid-1990s, my mother worked a lot and all I could think about was demanding her attention and enjoying a few days of fun. For this reason, on a Sunday, we went to the city park, for a ‘cultural walk’. We took juice in a thermos, sandwiches and cake. I would talk to my mother about everything while she admired the architecture and the landscape—that, to me, was pure bliss. As I grew up and started to have a more busy life, I came to value Sunday as a day when I could sleep more and I realized how much those weekends of walking cost my mother after a week of hard work.

What moves me most is not the memory of how close we were back then, but how she began to let me assume a certain independence. Mom took me to school until I was 12 years old. She was very worried about letting me go alone, as the neighborhood had a lot of buildings. There was an abandoned construction site, a vacant lot and it took a long time for the bus to pass. I really wanted to go alone, as everyone in my class went on their own and I, as a little girl, arrived ‘accompanied by Mommy’. So I asked my mom to let me go to school alone and she agreed. She was worried, scared, she counted the minutes until I got back, but she let me.

When I turned 15, she let me go with a group from school to summer camp. Despite being terrified, she concluded that it was time for me to live that experience.

This is probably the greatest and most difficult proof of maternal love: letting the child you love madly walk his own path, ‘walk with his own legs’. © Melissa / AdMe

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In 1985 I needed to be hospitalized. My mother came to visit me after work and brought some clothes I had ordered, stayed awhile and went home. On the way, he saw a walnut cake, a sweet that I love, in a pastry shop. So she bought it and took it back to the hospital. Visiting hours were over and my mother slipped the cake through a crack in the window. I ate with all the patients in my room. I still remember Mom standing in the rain with that cake in her hands. Today, she is 80 years old. God give you health! © Tatiana Kameneva / Facebook



In sixth grade, I decided I was going to get a perm to curl my hair. I whimpered and asked my mother for money. She then wrapped my still wet hair in rags with pieces of paper and I spent the whole night with them. In the morning, happy, I went to look in the mirror to check the result, but I didn’t like it. I went to try to comb it, but it was impossible. I was shocked and desperate. My mom just said, “It’s going to be okay, we’re going to wet your hair and it’s going to go back to the way it was, but if you’d done the ‘perm’ it would have stayed that way for six months.”

I want to thank her, because we were three children. She worked and still found creative ways to give such explanations to all of us. Mommy love you so much, you are the best! © Irina Sherbakova / Facebook


In kindergarten, I already knew that bread was made from flour and that flour was made from wheat. I had never seen a real wheat, only drawings and I thought it looked very similar to a type of common grass. After taking a gardening class in the park, I gathered some of that kind of weeds and happily gave it to my grandmother. Thinking I had harvested wheat, I asked her to make bread out of it. The next day, my grandmother came to pick me up from school with a piece of fresh black bread and said it was made from the wheat I had harvested. For a long time she maintained that story. I grew up, and we didn’t talk about it anymore. But it was so good! © Margarita Tiumentseva / Facebook


I don’t remember a single moment when my parents didn’t support me and my brother. We know how lucky we are to have parents like ours. I remember that every year, my brother and I would receive a big package of gifts from my father. It was the 90s and at that time he was not receiving a good salary. We lived very poorly and it is only today that I am aware of this. Our parents prepared all the gifts well in advance.

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So, once, before the New Year, my brother and I for some reason went to the metro station. There was a store in the area and I saw a Barbie doll with white hair. In the same store, my brother saw a jogging cart. We went home and asked our parents for those toys without much hope. After all, we knew they didn’t have any money, but my mother gave us a 50 bill.

As I recall, we bought the doll and stroller. As I recall, we bought the doll and stroller. We used all the money, which, by the way, was the last resort we had to get through the month. I had a lot of fun with that doll and now my daughter plays with her. I love my parents very much. After all, even in that difficult moment, they were able to give us a wonderful childhood. © Anastasia Mudrova / Facebook



I once had a neighbor who would show off for a doll that was bought for her (her family was quite wealthy). I had never seen a doll like that; she had ordinary dolls, but this one was thin, with long white hair and a silk dress with lace, and a crown on her head. I looked at her in fascination and realized that I would never have one like her.

We led a modest life and my mother was still on maternity leave with her third child. For several days, when I came home from school, my mother would go somewhere and stay there for several hours. And then, out of the blue, she showed up one day with the doll of my dreams. Only mine had a blue dress. I kept her well preserved until she grew up. My mother, as I later learned, went out to sew just to buy that doll. Thank you mom © Angelica Popinako / Facebook


When I was ten I saw a collie dog for the first time and I lost my mind. Back then, a dog cost $400, a lot of money. My mom gave me a dollar a week for lunch at school. But I decided to save; I just bought biscuits and juice and what was left I put in a piggy bank… I also made deliveries and sometimes saved the change when I went to the market for my mother.

I told my ‘fortune’ every week and already imagined myself walking the dog every day. I joined a dog-breeding club, read every puppy book they offered ten times. After five years, the dog was $500… and I had about $150 in my piggy bank.

We once hosted a relative at home, who stole almost all of these hard-earned savings. By the time we found out, it was too late; only twenty dollars remained in coins. I cried a lot when I told what was left. Six months later, my mother gave me the money to buy a puppy. I’ll never forget this: she gave me all her salary and all her vacation pay. I was able to have the dream of my life. My dear Elo lived with me for 11 years. 20 years ago, she left and I still keep the medals she won at the exhibitions… I will be grateful to my mother all my life, because she made my dream come true and still took care of me until I became an adult. © Olga Aksionova / Facebook

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In the mid-1990s I was in sixth grade and had classes late into the night. One day I felt a toothache so bad that I even started to cry. It was around 6:00 pm during a math class, and I knew that the dental clinic would close at 7:00 pm. With tears in my eyes, I asked the teacher to let me go to the dentist. The teacher didn’t believe me, she told me to stop pretending. I put my books inside my backpack and left class even without authorization. That’s when I heard the teacher saying: “Tomorrow, don’t come to school without bringing your parents!”

The next day my mother went to school. The director had never seen anything like it; she almost broke everything and talked to all the teachers in such a tone that even he, the principal, was silent. And all because, when I got home, I already had so much inflammation that the fever was close to 40 degrees and my mother had to rush me to the hospital.

My mother is still my protector! And most importantly, she never, ever yelled at me! She knows how to educate me, speaking calmly but in a firm tone. © Elena Zhvavaya / Facebook


Parents: love and protect your children. No one is going to do it as well for them as you will. I am very grateful to my mother. She raised the three of us on her own and always found time to take us out to the beach. She never refused to give us money to buy ice cream and a movie ticket.

My mother always protected me, even after I grew up. I had a compulsive boyfriend, who didn’t want to accept the end of the relationship. Until I complained to my mother. So she talked to him and the guy never came into my life again. © Nara / AdMe

Share with us a situation from your childhood that proves the infinite love your parents have for you.

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