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Steamer: what it is and how to use a steam iron

From the long list of household chores that terrify the daily lives of housewives, ironing is perhaps one of the most dreaded items. There are those who negotiate with their husbands, children, day workers and even their own mothers so they don’t have to face the iron and ironing board. But you don’t have to worry so much – these days, there’s a wide range of possibilities for those who don’t like ironing. The steamer is one of them.

Which is?

A steamer is a type of device that unwrinkles clothes using nothing more than steam. Acquiring one can be advantageous for those who don’t like or don’t have time to iron their clothes, but it’s important to remember that, in some cases (thicker fabrics, for example), the steamer is not effective and only the good old iron can solve it. the problem.

The technology is particularly efficient when it comes to smoothing out pieces that ended up crumpled inside the closet after being put away. Another good way to use it is to keep clothes in order during working hours, eliminating wrinkles and creases that may arise.

What are the advantages?

The indication for use of the steamer, also known as a clothes steamer, is for delicate clothes, which cannot be ironed. If you have little experience ironing clothes, for example, it’s better not to risk burning that new thin fabric shirt – the steamer is perfect in these cases, because it doesn’t leave marks on the clothes.

There are large models, to be used at home, which are great for those who have a greater volume of clothes to unwrinkle. Some even allow you to hang the piece on its own rod and then steam it. On the other hand, if you’re always on the road or want to present yourself flawlessly wherever you go, the portable models don’t disappoint and can be taken anywhere.

How to use?

Some precautions are important when using the steam treadmill. As the device uses water steam, the temperature is quite high and you could end up burning yourself if you direct the steam jet towards your skin. Therefore, hanging the clothes on a hook on the wall, in the bathroom shower or on the steamer rod itself is essential to ensure its safety during use.

Direct the jet of steam directly to the wrinkled area, keeping the appliance in an upright position – using it horizontally can cause some drops of water to end up dripping on the clothing.

Do not add any type of product to the water placed in the appliance’s reservoir. Scented liquids, specific ironing products and any other chemicals should be avoided. Contrary to what some housewives claim, vinegar should not be used to clean the steamer. To keep it looking like new, just empty the reservoir after use, washing it with water only. And always read the instruction manual before using to get to know your device better and use it in a way that prolongs its useful life.

The steamer does not replace the iron. Items made from denim or thicker fabrics are generally very difficult to unwrinkle with steam alone. Other pieces, such as sheets, bath towels and pillowcases, will be a challenge because their size makes it difficult to use the device vertically. In these cases, give preference to iron.

See in the gallery below some models of large and small steam treadmills and check their prices and in which stores you can find them.

If you already have one of these at home, leave a comment to let us know your opinion about the device.

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