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Signs that the first date was a success

You come back from the park, the restaurant or wherever you had the first date. And now that? You are still nervous and you will have to evaluate every sentence and every movement trying to decipher whether you have made a good impression or not. Normally, to know if a first date has worked, you just have to follow your instinct, there is something inside that tells you if it went well or badly. But if you are not able to clarify it for yourself, in the following oneCOMO article we will talk to you about the signs that the first date was a success.

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If you kiss at the end If you talk about meeting again If it ended up in bed If there was laughter If you didn’t stop talking If you keep talking There is always something positive

If you kiss at the end

If once you have shared a good talk, you have had dinner or whatever you have entertained yourself with, when the time comes to say goodbye you do it with a kiss, there is no doubt, it is a unequivocal sign that the appointment has been a success.

It may seem obvious, and it surely is, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop commenting on it. It is possible that the date may have gone well, that the conversation was entertaining or even that it made a good impression, but the kiss is the demonstration that in addition to all that, there is also a physical attraction. The kiss has always been, and will continue to be, the thermometer with which to measure how well a first date went.

If you talk about meeting again

Just because a kiss is a clear demonstration that the date went well, that does not mean that if there was no kiss, the date was a disaster. Each couple is different and goes at their own pace, the possibility is not always given and there are many other signs to establish how well a first meeting has gone.

Among these signs stands out the fact that have you agreed to see you again. If a date goes badly, it is unthinkable to think about repeating the experience, so if your companion asks you about your availability to meet again, it means that you have impressed him and that you have left him wanting to repeat the experience.

That’s why it’s key, when that person has made a good impression on you, to ask them when you can see each other again. Depending on the answer and the way he answers you, you will know if you can have a future together.

If it ended up in bed

Times change and although in the past, and even today many people believe it, end up in bed after the first date There’s nothing wrong with it if you both wanted it. If you are one of those -or those- who prefer to reserve that for later, nothing happens either, but in case you couldn’t resist there is no doubt that your date has been a total success.

Now there is people who are only looking for casual encounters and not maintain long-term relationships, if you are looking for the latter, you will have to look at other signs that we discuss in this article to know if that person is interested in continuing to get to know you.

If there were laughs

Sometimes you can say more things with a laugh than with many words. Laughing is one of the ways that humans have to create bonds and connect emotionally with each other, and a sense of humor is one of the most attractive characteristics a person can have. That is why if during your first date you laughed together, it is very possible that it was a total success.

At this point it is worth noting that there are different types of laughter, and nervous laughter when we do not know what to say is not what we are looking for. A good sign is when laughter has entered the conversation without being forced.

If you didn’t stop talking

We often give much more importance to the physique than it really has. It is true that attractiveness enters through the eyes, but it is no less true that love is born from the mind and the heart. That is why, beyond the first physical impression, the way in which the conversation has developed is much more important. If you have not stopped talking at any time and the topics were happening one after another with ease, it is a clear sign that the first date has been a success.

One of the secrets of the longest couples is communication and good conversations. That’s why a lively conversation about a topic that interests you both is one of the best ways to start a relationship.

If you keep talking

If in the following days you keep up the thread of any of the conversations that arose during the appointment or continue talking about anything else, you can be sure that your meeting has been a success. It doesn’t have to be immediatelya few days may pass, but if that person talks to you again it means that you have crossed his mind and that he wants to maintain contact with you and repeat the appointment.

There is always something positive

But love isn’t the only good thing you can get out of a date. Even if it didn’t go well romantically, there are thousands of things you can gain from that encounter. Even if no spark has flown between the two or even if one of them does not want to take the relationship further, just the fact of having had a good dinner, seen a movie or had a good conversation is already something positive that we can consider a success. .

In fact, it is possible that you had a good time, you liked each other, but not in the way that couples have to like each other. There is a lot of friends that have emerged of what in principle should be a couple.

On the other hand, even if the date was a real disaster, whether because you were very nervous, because the other person was very boring or simply because you didn’t connect, we can discover something positive from all the bad things. In this case, for next time you will be clearer about what you want, what you are looking for and you will have gained some experience in the dating world. If you still want to learn more, in the following unCOMO articles we explain how to make a good impression on the first date and how to choose the place.

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