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Run or walk: discover the benefits and differences between each

One of the most common exercise questions is about running or walking: which is the best option? To help you clear up your doubts about each one, we talked to Rodrigo Pereira (CREF: 006612-G/CE), a physical education professional. Follow:

Running or walking: benefits and differences

For starters, it’s important to know the main differences and benefits of running and walking. This makes it easier to understand which one is best for your purpose. Check out:

benefits of walking

  • Fights stress: Walking helps fight stress, anxiety and depression. That’s because it releases a substance that helps relieve tension.
  • Control of cholesterol and diabetes: combined with a balanced diet, walking contributes to the control of cholesterol and diabetes.
  • Improves sleep quality: walking helps improve your night, as it helps breathing and this directly impacts sleep quality.
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases: walking helps to improve blood circulation, favoring the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Easy practice: one of the characteristics of walking is that it is an easy exercise to practice.

benefits of running

  • Fitness: Running is a great way to improve your fitness.
  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases: just like walking, running also helps prevent cardiovascular diseases by improving blood circulation.
  • Strengthening Bone Structure: Running helps prevent osteoporosis by strengthening bones due to the impact of movement.
  • Fat Burning: Running speeds up metabolism, helping to burn fat.
  • Improves Mood: Running helps release mood-enhancing substances, promoting well-being and a sense of accomplishment.

Now that you know the main benefits that each of the exercises provide, follow the fundamental differences between them below:

Running or Walking: 3 Crucial Differences Between Exercises

  1. Walking is usually indicated for athletes who are new to physical practice, as it is the basis for running.
  2. As it is a more intense activity, running promotes greater caloric expenditure.
  3. Running, unlike walking, is an activity that requires more training planning, as it needs greater physical conditioning.

That way, it’s easier to find out which exercise best suits your goal, isn’t it? By choosing between running or walking, you will be choosing a healthier lifestyle and will soon realize the benefits of exercise!

The walk

Walking is a physical activity that requires less than running and, therefore, it can be practiced in a more democratic way by almost everyone. Check out the tips to start walking:

How long should I walk?

Rodrigo explains that you can start walking 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week. Because it’s a simpler activity, it doesn’t need a lot of planning to start.

What should I wear?

Wear light clothing, such as shorts and leggings designed for exercise. Also opt for more comfortable shoes.

How many calories will I burn?

According to the professional, the number of calories lost while walking is very relative and varies greatly for each person. But, according to the American Council of Exercise, a person who weighs around 63.5 kg burns around 228 calories in a 30-minute walk.

In summary, walking is a physical activity that requires less physical effort, but that brings several benefits if practiced frequently. It’s a great exercise option for those who are sedentary and want to change their lifestyle!

The race

Running is an activity that requires greater physical effort and must be done with training planning. Find out more about this exercise below:

How long should I run?

There is no right time for beginners: it is important to know your time and your limits. You can determine distances to cover by calculating the time it takes you to cover them.

What should I wear?

Light and practical clothes, but that protect your body from the cold or heat. Opt for shoes with more efficient shock absorbers, due to the impact caused by the exercise.

How many calories will I burn?

The professional says that the amount of calories spent in this exercise will depend on several factors, such as speed, distance and metabolism of the athlete. It is important to understand that each body reacts differently.

A special tip for running is to choose a comfortable shoe that fits the shape of your foot and the way you step. This will help you work your posture well during the activity.

What’s the best?

Finally, the most popular question: running or walking? Which option should I choose? Rodrigo says that there is no better or worse activity. Both provide health, fitness and other benefits. The best physical activity for you is the one that best suits your goals and that generates pleasure.

Running and walking are great options for those looking for a healthier lifestyle. It is important to consult a professional to choose the ideal physical activity for you. And to help you get started, how about learning some breathing exercises? This will help at the time of practice that you prefer!

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