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Risks of amending the contraceptive

In addition to the contraceptive method, the contraceptive pill prevents various diseases, reduces cramps and premenstrual discomfort, as well as controlling the appearance of acne on the skin. She is also the one who prevents cysts and takes care of polycystic ovaries.

But regardless of the reason for wanting to use it, it is necessary, first of all, to ask for medical advice, after all, only the professional can indicate the best option for your case.

Because it is an effective way to prevent pregnancy, it is one of the most used methods by women. “In addition to the contraceptive method, the pill is beneficial in cases of polycystic ovary. The use of the pill is also indicated for cases of strong PMS and intense menstrual cramps”, explains gynecologist Elisabete Dobao.

After the gynecologist indicates the best option for you, also ask him to explain the correct way to take it. The gynecologist recommends using it always at the same time. “Nowadays, pills are increasingly low-dose, and taking them at the right time is essential to maintain the hormonal level that guarantees the effectiveness of the drug”, she suggests.

Considering all these benefits, the most common question is: can I amend the birth control pill? The answer: it shouldn’t. Regularity in taking the two hormones present in the drug, estrogen and progesterone, can increase the volume of the ovary. Therefore, never amend without medical consultation.

Before choosing the best medication, it is recommended that you visit a gynecologist so that he can guide you on the best type of contraceptive for your body. At first, it can cause some unpleasant sensations, such as nausea, but after the body adapts, they bring several benefits. “The contraceptive pill maintains a woman’s well-being, as it prevents cramps, for example. But you must not stop or forget to take it, as symptoms before menstruation can return”, he warns.

Contrary to what is common to hear, constant use of the contraceptive pill does not cause infertility. When a woman wants to become pregnant, it is necessary to stop the drug and, with medical supervision, it is possible to become pregnant after a month without the use of the pill.

Saying also that you have to take the contraceptive for a year, and taking a break for a month is also completely myth. “In general, it is not necessary to take a month’s break, on the contrary, when the person takes the pill again, they will experience side effects of the body’s readaptation to the drug”, says Elisabete. .

But if you have stopped taking the pill for some reason, you need to look for other ways to prevent yourself. “If there is a break from the medicine, it is necessary to resort to another contraceptive method to avoid unwanted pregnancy”, recommends the gynecologist.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. They do not replace the advice and follow-up of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, physical education professionals and other specialists.

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