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10 different ways to repurpose old and used clothes

When we tidy the closets and select the clothes that stay and those that go for donation, it is common to have pieces that are very spoiled, that are not able to be used as clothing by other people and end up being thrown away or used as a floor cloth. But these are not the best solutions for these fabrics, as they can be reused in much more interesting ways.

Reusing fabrics is not just a matter of preventing the most beautiful prints of our old clothes from ending up in the trash, but also an ecologically correct initiative that demonstrates environmental concern, as many fabrics have chemical residues in their composition – as they have gone through processes to leaving them with the proper color and texture, which, when they go to landfills, can contaminate the soil and groundwater.

According to Copam, the State Council for Environmental Policy, textile industries are already required by law to recycle their leftover material, even lint, and if they do not comply with the norm, they are fined up to half a million reais.

However, there are still few initiatives to recycle post-consumer fabrics, so there is a need for individual awareness to create ways to reduce the amount of these fabrics discarded.

Ideas for reusing fabrics

It is possible to reuse any type of fabric with originality, just do the so-called upcycling, that is, look at this material in an inventive way, giving it a new function and allowing it to be transformed into products of greater value, use or quality. Here are some ideas that can transform your home or your style:

  1. Several pieces of clothing can be cut into pieces, which, together, will form a patchwork, to be used as a bedspread, sofa blanket, placemat or rug;
  2. A cardboard can be wrapped in the fabric of an old blouse or skirt to create a pot holder;
  3. A piece of a piece of clothing can be placed in a frame to make a beautiful picture or message board;
  4. A lamp can look like new if it has its dome repaired with the fabric of one or several old clothes;
  5. Items of clothing that are initially unusable can become the stuffing and covering of a pouf, a pillow or a children’s doll;
  6. Hangers can be covered with strips of fabric from old clothes, making them more beautiful and non-slip;
  7. Trinket holder, picture frame and notebook or diary covers with the aid of glue, can be covered with unused clothes, gaining a new style;
  8. Sleeves of blouses, especially wool ones, can be sewn together to become cell phone covers;
  9. Ecobags, bags of different sizes, toiletry bags and document holders can be made with fabrics from clothes that cannot be donated;
  10. Several strips of old knit sweaters can be tied and braided to form a scarf or necklace.
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Ideas for objects that can be made with fabric from used clothes

The universe of possible transformations is very wide, and does not depend on craft skills, as many items created or reforms of objects with fabrics can be done with simple procedures, some not involving knowing how to sew, for example. Free yourself from the fear of making mistakes and allow yourself to express your creativity, creating beautiful things through reuses that contribute to the benefit of nature.

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