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Purple dress: 30 models to create a stylish look

The purple dress is ideal for those who seek the practicality of a single piece and, at the same time, want a striking look. After all, this is a vibrant color, which can give a fashionista touch even to the basic everyday look. In addition, there are also models perfect for special occasions. Check out the inspiration below:

1. The purple dress is perfect to create a stunning look

2. Be in a more romantic proposal with income

3. Or with a long, smooth model

4. It’s also worth betting on a more discreet piece

5. And in the purple tube dress, for those who like classics

6. Be it in midi length

7. Or even shorter

8. There are purple prom dress options

9. Including guests

10. And, of course, for the trainees

11. It is also worth betting on the piece to go to weddings

12. Or any other party

13. The casual purple dress is also not left out of the list

14. And it’s a good bet for everyday life

15. What is great for those seeking comfort

16. But without leaving the style aside

17. There are glossy options that go well with heels

18. With boot

19. And even with sneakers

20. The versatility of this piece is enormous!

21. Also has the purple midi dress

22. Which is pure charm in one piece

23. You can opt for a more formal model

24. Or for a simple purple dress

25. Just define what suits you best

26. Be a flared short dress

27. What a charm with other colors in the same piece

28. Or with a floral print, which is a classic

29. The combination of black and purple forms an unbeatable duo

30. Just like purple and red

With so many inspirations, it’s easy to add a purple dress or your wardrobe, isn’t it? Regardless of your style, you can find a piece to call your own. Now, if you want to know lighter shades, check out looks and tips on how to use lavender.

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