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33 Christmas Cake Recipes for a Complete and Unforgettable Supper

A Christmas cake, despite being an after-supper attraction, deserves all the attention in the world. That’s because Christmas celebrations ask for the joy that only a well-made dessert can provide.

For you to make friends and family sigh and smile, check out a selection of delicious cake recipes that perfectly match the date:

Simple Christmas cake recipes

1. Quick Christmas cake: this cake, in addition to being cute, is very simple to make. The ingredient list is short – a packet of vanilla cake batter, milk, candied fruit and raisins. The icing is made with a syrup of icing sugar and milk, and the decoration is made with cherries.

2. Blender Christmas cake: when the word blender appears in the recipe, we already know that the process is soooo easy, right? This cake here is to be made with your eyes closed and eating thanking you! Spoiler: the dough has honey yogurt, so you can imagine the taste… hmmm!

3. Christmas cake with apple: a recipe with the face of Christmas certainly has apples among the ingredients. In addition to the fruit, you will need walnuts or chestnuts and raisins to make the base of the dough. On the icing is lemon juice, which cuts the excessive sweetness and brings an indescribable acidity!

4. Black Christmas cake: this different cake is made with coffee, port wine and cognac. Despite looking pretty strong, the rest of the ingredients bring a unique balance. The softness is such that the recipe does not need topping! Check out the step by step!

5. Christmas cake with almond and walnut farofa: the differential of this option is the almond and walnut farofa that serves as a “cover” for the cake. The flavor is out of this world, mainly because of an extremely striking ingredient: nutmeg!

6. Gingerbread Christmas Cake: a daring option that is still simple! Write down the list of ingredients: all-purpose flour, powdered ginger, candied or candied ginger, nutmeg, powdered cloves, brown sugar, unsalted butter, plain yogurt, baking soda, yeast, egg, and salt.

Traditional Christmas cake recipes

7. Christmas Cake with Dried Fruits: Dried fruits are the face of Christmas, and with them you can make a cake that will stay in everyone’s memory. In addition to candied fruit, you will need cherries, grapes and dried apricots. To make it even better, the recipe uses chopped walnuts and orange liqueur. I heard your sighs from here!

8. Simple Christmas cake with candied fruit: to maintain the Christmas tradition, there’s nothing like a cake that resembles a panettone. This one, besides being tasty, promises to be so soft that you won’t be able to stop eating it!

9. Grandma’s Christmas Cake: everyone knows that grandmothers are responsible for bringing the family together at Christmas. It is for them that we celebrate and the food they make is second to none. To gift those around here or honor those who are kept in nostalgia, how about a cupcake like that, more than special? Check out the preparation method!

10. Christmas cake with apple and walnuts: such a delight is very easy to prepare, can you believe it? You will only need vegetable oil, wheat, cinnamon powder, baking soda, salt, sugar, eggs, apple and nuts. An optional tip is to include vanilla essence for an even more fragrant cake.

11. Christmas Cake with Fruits and Nuts: Fruits cannot be missing in a Christmas celebration, so how about gathering them in a delicious cake? The recipe takes apple, black plum, apricot, raisin and cherry in syrup. The golden tip is to cover the fruits with wheat to prevent them from sinking into the raw dough and being concentrated at the bottom of the roast.

12. Christmas cake with dried fruits and spices: the word “spices” already guarantees that the taste of the cake will make you eat praying! The ones chosen for this recipe were cinnamon, cloves, anise and pepper. In addition to them, here you also need dried fruits, but this time figs and strawberries also come into play.

13. Christmas cake with fruits, nuts and wine: this option is simple and even goes well with that after-supper lunch where we only have leftovers. It will keep the Christmas spirit alive and the taste is to make Santa forget about gifts. The preparation is simple and takes, on average, 35 minutes in the oven.

14. Panettone Christmas cake: how about preparing a cake with a taste of Panettone, but in your own way and without preservatives? The preparation will surprise you how easy it is! For even more spectacular softness, try kneading the dough by hand. Rustic and with a taste of Christmas!

Chocolate Christmas cake recipes

15. Easy chocolate cake: for the chocoholics on duty who don’t want to mess up their Christmas dinner, a chocolate cake is more than welcome! It has a creamier consistency, so a tip is to serve guests with dessert pots.

16. Christmas cake with chocolate mousse: this is a cake that pleases for being delicious and BEAUTIFUL! It takes a layer of chocolate dough and a layer of chocolate mousse. The coverage? Guess what: chocolate! Just balance the ingredients well and it doesn’t get overly sweet, see?

17. Christmas Cake with Strawberry and Brigadeiro: this recipe is a little more complex, but if your goal is to rock dinner, it’s worth it! The dough is a simple sponge cake with cocoa powder. One of the fillings is the black brigadeiro and the other, white brigadeiro. Then just distribute chopped strawberries between the layers of the cake. It’s out of this world!

18. Chocolate Christmas Cake with Strawberry Mousse: this option promises to make everyone’s jaw drop! The cake is so beautiful that it will be a shame to eat it. Check out the full step by step for an unforgettable dessert.

19. Christmas cake with 2 chocolates: white chocolate, dark chocolate and a wonderful marbled icing! For this delight to be ready, you need a base of cake dough, a layer of dark chocolate mousse and another of white chocolate. The secret to the coverage is the use of glucose and hydrated gelatin. It’s beautiful to see!

20. Christmas Cake with Oreo: this wonder consists of a chocolate cake with an Oreo cheesecake. No, you did not read it wrong. The fluffy dough forms the basis for a creamy and innovative cheesecake! For the dough, you need eggs, milk, oil, brown sugar, vanilla extract, flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, yeast and salt. As for the cheesecake, water, gelatin powder, cream, sugar, cream cheese and Oreo.

21. Christmas cake with chocolate and strawberry mousse: a mousse cake with a layer of chocolate and another layer of strawberry. It’s easy to make and the decoration is done with sliced ​​strawberries, powdered chocolate and icing sugar. The assembly is simple, beautiful and the texture is worthy of the best Christmas in the world!

22. Christmas cake with chocolate, raisins and cherries: a cake that will win over guests just for the scent! Links to ingredients: whole milk, coffee, sugar, chocolate powder, raisins, maraschino cherry, rum, unsalted butter, vanilla, eggs, wheat, baking soda, yeast, salt, cinnamon and cloves powder, and nut- nutmeg. Ufa! Despite the long list, the preparation is easy!

23. Christmas cake in the cup: check out this idea of ​​cake in the cup for your guests to eat with their eyes closed! The assembly is done in a very deep and transparent container, for everyone’s mouth to water just looking at it. Just intersperse the chocolate cake dough, a strawberry jam and a white chocolate cream. The decoration? Because of strawberries and LOTS of whipped cream!

24. Christmas cake pops: cake pops are cake lollipops that can be made with a variety of decorations. The white chocolate goes in the topping of the pops, which also has golden glitter decorations. They will contribute sooo much to the decor!

Special Christmas cake recipes

25. Christmas cake with white brigadeiro and jelly: this sponge cake is filled with an impeccable homemade red fruit jelly. In addition, the white brigadeiro also enters the scene in the filling to ensure creaminess and a peculiar and unforgettable taste. It’s eating less turkey to fit more dessert!

26. Hungarian Christmas Cake: Can you imagine how perfect a cake would be that was delicious and healthy at the same time? This Hungarian cake is one such option, as it mixes fruits with different nuts. The tip here is to use whole wheat flour instead of regular flour.

27. Mixed Christmas cake: how about daring in the recipe and taking a cake with Christmas colors for supper? This one has, in addition to the sponge cake dough, two colored doughs: one green and one red! It’s a great idea to surprise the first person who cuts a piece. Follow the step by step!

28. Cake of life: a cake full of meanings attributed to each ingredient that reflect the true spirit of Christmas. To make it, you need eggs, sugar, salt, wheat, candied fruit, spices, raisins, cherries, apricots, nuts and yeast.

29. Bolo de reis: this typical cake of the time has a fluffy and fragrant dough. The special touch comes in the topping: a syrup with milk, sugar and lemon, for an acidity that will take you to the skies. Try it!

30. Naked Christmas cake with walnuts: this deconstructed beauty has a very moist walnut dough. The filling takes mascarpone cheese as the protagonist. It’s a striking flavor that joins an incredible montage!

31. Iced Christmas cake with nest milk: as here in Brazil our Christmas happens in hot seasons, how about a very cold cake to cool off? The secret is to beat the dough well so that it is well aerated and light. Don’t skimp on the Nest filling, see?

32. Christmas cake with passion fruit mousse: for a very tropical cake, passion fruit is the main ingredient in the recipe. The mousse has gelatine leaves, passion fruit juice, condensed milk and whey-free cream. The tchan of the assembly is due to the icing – a syrup made with passion fruit pulp and sugar.

33. Christmas Cheesecake: This BEAUTIFUL cheesecake is very easy to make and can be a new addition to your Christmas dinner. For the base, use crushed cookies with butter. The dough is made with cream cheese and lemon and the syrup with red fruits. Be sure to check out the full list of ingredients.

A cake more beautiful and delicious than the other, huh? Choose a recipe to prepare for supper and be sure your family and friends will thank you for coming! And to complete the table, see more suggestions for Christmas desserts.

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