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Psychology Test: The First Thing You See May Reveal What’s Worrying You Right Now

Regardless of whether you realize it or not, your subconscious captures what you are, and it cannot be deceived or compromised. Your eyes see an overall picture, but your brain prioritizes what matches your feelings and what bothers you the most at this particular moment.

O incredible.club loves the different personality tests so wants to share this one with you. Remember, this is just a fun quiz, so don’t take it too seriously (unless your answers are correct, of course).

1. The Panthers

If you first saw the panthers, the main reason for your stress is your personal relationship. You feel you are losing connection with a loved one, and sometimes he is not even sure where this relationship goes. Go back to how you felt when it all started, or maybe you just need to talk about what’s bothering you. Communication is very important when solving personal problems.

2. The lions

If you saw the lions first, it means that you struggle to deal with all the responsibilities that you carry for a long time. You are used to taking care of everything and everyone, so you started to forget about yourself.

Your family and friends think that you are incredibly strong and that you can handle any situation, but you feel that you are on edge and that any small thing can become the last straw. You know, there’s nothing wrong with being a little selfish every now and then, and maybe it’s time to treat yourself a little to recharge.

3. The zebras

If you saw the zebras first, your biggest concern is your health or that of a member of your family. Worrying a little about our well-being is actually a good thing, as it encourages us to lead a healthier lifestyle. However, if this turns into anxiety, it can turn into a big problem. You don’t have to worry so much about something you can’t control or change, so keep your life at a healthy level and enjoy it.

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4. The giraffes

If giraffes were the first animals you saw, this could indicate that you worry about your job and feel very insecure financially. Unfortunately, nowadays, many people have to deal with pressure at work, and when the economy slows down, everything becomes more difficult, as the job market becomes more competitive.

On the other hand, technology is developing so fast that we all have to learn something new to keep up. If you feel your job is changing and requires some new skills that you’re not confident with, be honest with yourself: find what you’re lacking and work on it.

5. The Bluebird

If the first thing you saw was the bird, it’s because you feel a little lost and alone. In modern society, we mostly connect through text messages, emails and shared photos, and that’s amazing! However, many people are so used to virtual communication that they are not comfortable talking to people in real life, they end up feeling isolated and alone, and simply do not know how to break out of this pattern.

6. The birds

If you saw birds in the first place, it means that you feel a little lonely. You want to talk to someone about your feelings, but you don’t feel comfortable because you think they are very insignificant feelings. Don’t hold back and confide in your friends and family. If something bothers you, it means it’s important. You’ve always been an independent person and over the years you’ve learned to keep up appearances, which is why your friends don’t even realize you need them. You should know that sharing your feelings with someone is not a sign of weakness, so do it when you feel it’s necessary.

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What was the first thing you saw? Did we get it right? Tell us about it in the comments section and share this quiz with all your friends!

Illustrated by: Alena Sofronova exclusive to Incrível.club

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