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10 Utensils that were thought to make our lives easier, but we use them wrong without knowing it

Many cookware does not come with instructional material. Admittedly, most of us wouldn’t read them if they came. That’s because we grew up watching people use some of these instruments and it’s as if we were born knowing what they are for and how they should be manipulated. What if we told you that there are a lot of people out there who don’t use some of the most common kitchen tools correctly?

We, from awesome.club, we were intrigued by this and decided to share our findings with you. Check out!

1. Use the same cutting board for everything

Plastic cutting boards, like wooden ones, tend to get knife marks, which is great… for bacteria! Microorganisms love to accumulate in these corners. In addition to sanitizing the utensil very well, the tip is to have a different board for each type of food. Have you ever wondered why they are available in so many colors?

The norm is to use the red board for meat, blue for fish and seafood, yellow for chicken and green for vegetables. Or choose your own colors. The important thing is not to mix, to prevent food from contaminating each other.

2. Use only one direction of the vegetable peeler

3. Pour the pasta into the colander

Most people usually place the colander inside the sink and turn the pasta pot with water over it. Yes it works. But has it ever happened to you that part of the pasta falls into the sink? Yeah… if used correctly, this is avoided.

In fact, the pasta colander must be placed inside the pot. To remove the liquid, just turn it over with the noodles and the colander in the sink. Thus, the water comes out and the pasta stays. The technique is also useful for not cooling the food.

4. Only use the noodle tongs to serve the pasta

Some noodle holders have a hole in the middle, and oddly enough, it has a use. If you are often in doubt about how much spaghetti to cook, this is the solution. Just put the raw pasta in the hole in the handle. The amount of pasta that fits there is equivalent to an individual portion.

5. Ignore the hole in the pot handle or just use it to hang the pot

The hole in the handle of the pot is not just for hanging it. Indeed, it was placed there for another purpose. The idea is to use it to support the spoon. This way, you prevent it from getting dirty and always have it on hand when cooking.

6. Use the garlic press only to press the garlic

Almost every home has a garlic press, even if few people know how to use all its features. On second thought, this multipurpose tool should even change its name, as it has 5 different functions:

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The lower part, which is notched, serves as a scale cleaner; Next, comes the bottle opener; A little higher, the circular part with a hole and a pin can be used to remove olive pits; moreover, the other toothed part of the handle is used to crack nuts; Finally, the upper part, with the holes, is really for squeezing the garlic.

7. Only use the inside of the blender lid to add ingredients

That little opening in the lid of the blender is perfect for gradually adding ingredients to the recipe, but not only. It must be removed when the mixture is hot, so that the steam has a place to escape and none of the contents overflow. In addition, the lid of the blender often serves as a measure, as many come with milliliter markings.

8. Place the sandwich to heat when the sandwich maker has the green light on

The electric sandwich maker is another very simple tool, but that many people do not use correctly. Do you know what the green and red lights that come on when we are using the device mean? Generally, the green light indicates that the sandwich maker is on. As for the red one, it shows that it is heated and that you can now put the sandwich on to warm up.

9. Using a cup when coffee is in a thermos

10. Bake food in aluminum foil leaving the shiny part out

Another item that cannot be missing in the kitchen is aluminum foil. It is used both to wrap cold foods, which go into the refrigerator, and to wrap hot foods, which bake better in the oven when muffled by it. The question is, which side is out, the glossy or the matte?

To bake food wrapped in aluminum foil in the oven, the brighter side must be facing inwards, that is, against the food. This side of the paper reflects heat and helps you cook more efficiently. If the idea is to store cold food in the fridge, do the opposite, wrapping it with the frosted side inwards.

Which of these kitchenware features did you not know yet? Is there something you did wrong without knowing? Is there any other tip you’d like to share with us? Share with us here in the comments!

Note: This article was updated in October 2021 to correct source material and/or factual inaccuracies.

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