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Printed pants: the piece that makes any look less obvious

Pants are an essential piece in any woman’s wardrobe, aren’t they? It can be used on cold and hot days and on various occasions.

In addition to finding pants in different models, we can also escape the traditional jeans with printed pants that give a special charm and escape the obvious in a very fun way.

The possibilities of prints are endless and for sure one of them will satisfy your personality. Style consultant Gaby Beraldo gave us some tips on how to wear a piece that will make your look much more interesting and casual. Check out!

floral print pants

The style consultant gives the tip of leaving the pants with a floral print for the summer. Because it has this more tropical feel, it doesn’t work very well in winter looks. If you want to wear prints on colder days, opt for animal print, for example.

patterned baggy pants

The more fluid and baggy pants are ideal for those who value comfort. If you need to move around a lot, keep your tights in the closet. To compensate for the width of the printed baggy pants, the interesting thing is to compose the look with a top that is more adjusted to the body and in neutral tones, or even with one of the colors of the print.

Black and white printed pants

The black and white look is perfect for those days when creativity is off, you know? Combine black and white pants with one of these two colors and the result will look amazing. If you want to add a touch of color to the composition, Gaby advises you to choose a red blouse or some other color that harmonizes well with black and white.

Plus size printed pants

For a long time there was an idea that chubby women could only wear vertical stripes, because this is the print that gives the impression of slimming and elongating the silhouette. Good thing that time is already in the past, isn’t it? There are several prints that can appear on plus size pants. The interesting thing is to keep the pants as the focus of production and be basic in the other pieces.

printed flare pants

Flare pants are elegant and have the power to elongate the silhouette, due to the width of the bar. It can be even cooler if it has a print. If your desire is not to look so formal, for example, opt for geometric and colorful prints. You can even coordinate it with tops that will convey different ideas. Want something more casual? Bet on a t-shirt. Is your desire something more refined? Plays in a good shirt with a fine fabric, like silk for example. Flare pants are versatile and democratic.

printed skinny pants

The skinny model, which is adjusted from the waist to the hem, is the most used model. They can be made in various fabrics and jeans are the main one. This modeling is already more casual and, with prints, it is even more relaxed. How about composing the printed skinny pants with a white t-shirt and a sneaker? Ideal look idea for a lunch with friends, for example.

Printed pantaloon pants

This model of pants is stylish and full of attitude. Look how cool Gaby’s tip:
“Pants in graphic prints, stripes and animal prints look great at parties, when coordinated with silk or lurex tops.”, a good idea for those who don’t want to wear a dress on formal occasions, isn’t it? You will escape the sameness and still be comfortable.

printed pantacourt pants

Pantacourt pants started to appear in the last season and yield super stylish looks. Here, you can bet on any type of print, but the colorful and floral ones come with everything and will definitely gain a space in your closet. They are fresh for occasions when you can’t wear shorts or a short dress, for example. A nice tip is to wear it with a tighter bodysuit, which will balance the wider aspect of this piece.

7 printed pants to make a difference in the look

Choose the pants that have the most to do with you and rock out there:

Where to buy

  1. Crepe pants with soft floral buttons from Amaro
  2. Printed cropped pants from Oqvestir
  3. Floral print pantaloons, at C&A
  4. Geometric print tailored pants, in Morena Rosa
  5. Pantacourt Sarja Itally Azul and Marrom Mob, at Shop2gether
  6. Cigarette floral print twill pants from Dafiti
  7. Printed pantacourt pants, at Renner
  8. More looks with printed pants

    Did you see how printed pants can make your look much more interesting, without losing the comfort and practicality of this piece? Here are some more inspirations for amazing looks with printed pants:

    The third piece made this look even more interesting.

    Matching the basic top is no mistake

    Dark background prints are ideal for winter

    Details that make the difference

    All the elegance of flare pants

    We love the bar detail!

    The third colored piece gave more life to the production

    Fluid calf-fitting pants are in!

    Pink and black is always so cool

    Irreverent print mixing geometric with floral

    Light tones bring serenity to compositions

    Animal print in other colors is also super fun!

    Do you love heart print too?

    The printed flare pants and silk shirt combo results in a lot of elegance

    Wonderful print reminiscent of a garden

    For those who like more sober tones

    Sophisticated without much effort

    Ethnic print is irreverent and cheerful

    Beautiful and chic set!

    Are you ready to expand your horizons and stop wearing just jeans? Choose the print and modeling that best fit your profile and create stylish productions that will surprise you!

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