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Old toys receive ‘organ donations’ to teach children the importance of transplants

Organ donation is a controversial and extremely important topic. According to the World Transplant Registry, last year, 135,860 organs were transplanted from a total of 34,096 donors worldwide. However, when compared to the waiting list of more or less 250 thousand people, this number is still not enough. The best way to change this situation is through education. And nothing better than starting the process early and having a little fun.

O incredible.club considers it very important to disseminate the culture of organ donation. That’s why we want you to know about the project Second Life Toyswhich presents a very creative way to teach children more about this topic.

The Life of a Toy

Toys go through different stages in their ‘lives’. When they are young, children love to stay with them: they take them everywhere, sleep with them, feed them, change their clothes, pamper them and have fun. This is all until they start to wear out or until some part breaks. At that moment, what is your destination usually? In general they are forgotten in some trunk, as happened with Woody, in toy story 2🇧🇷

a new opportunity

“Giver (beloved but no one plays with him anymore)”

Learn what generosity is

The great teaching of the project is generosity, a very important value to be taught to children, especially so that they begin to have empathy for the world around them. A child can decide to donate or repair his toy and both ways bring important lessons. At the end of the day, everyone deserves a second chance at life, and we have the power to deliver it.

a wonderful trip

“Monkey Arm” / “Cat Ear”

All material collected by the project is sent to Japan, so that the organizers of the Second Life Toys make the magic happen. People who give away “donor toys” know that their parts will have a second life, but that they will not be returned. Those who choose to receive a transplant must send a photo of the toy to show its condition. The only cost is shipping. After this first phase, the toy goes through a parts selection process so that it can be repaired and sent back to the owner.

Another perspective of life

These actions aim to clarify the benefits related to donations and transplants. Children who receive renovated toys can see that the new parts have been replaced with parts that were not in good condition, helping to give the toy a new life and a new look. And most importantly: allowing it to be used to be able to play again!

task together

“Thanks! My Mr. Giraffe is healthy again!”

The work of the creators of Second Life Toys it is complemented with the education that the children have at home. Parental monitoring is fundamental, as they are responsible for showing their children the importance of the culture of organ donation. At the end of the project, children send in a photo of the restored toy, with a letter of thanks to the donor. Nothing more beautiful than giving a new alternative to those who need it!

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Have you ever thought of organ donation as part of your children’s education? What did you think of the project?

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