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New types of job interview

To be up to date with the demands of the job market, it is necessary to always keep up to date with what is required of candidates for new opportunities. Every day the market becomes more competitive and employers also expect more and more from their employees.

Some still believe that there is a lack of job vacancies in Brazil, but in reality what is lacking is qualified personnel to take on the available positions. However, if so many people are graduating, qualifying in courses, how is it possible that there is a shortage of people to fill the vacancies?

It is likely that in some cases, the candidate has the ideal qualification, but does not have enough resourcefulness to demonstrate their positive points during the interview. Taking this into account, we have selected some suggestions related to the new types of job interviews and how to deal with this new challenge that the job market presents.

Job interviews usually serve to get to know the personality of the candidate, although it is difficult to calculate or categorically state that a person has a certain personality just from an interview. As a result, the selection process has been modified to analyze the candidate’s behavior in different situations and in different ways.

Some selection processes combine a series of yes and no questions with other open-ended questions, where the candidate can talk a little more about the issue. Still others may have press conferences, in which there are several candidates and they answer questions in front of a group.

Face-to-face interviews with the interviewer can be more formal, with a defined script, where the questions get more complex as the candidate answers. There are also job interviews that are less formal, in a relaxed atmosphere, where questions are asked at the time of the interview and are formulated according to the answers. Even in these cases you should not leave the professional posture aside.

Other interviews are still more based on skills and specific knowledge that the candidate has about their area of ​​expertise or position. These interviews tend to be more complex and lengthy, so it’s important to be up to date with your field and profession.

The candidate for the vacancy can also be interviewed by co-workers, colleagues in the department where he will possibly work and also by the company manager. These interviews can be more or less formal depending on the company’s culture.

Finally, the current trend is towards a combination of these different ways of analyzing the candidate’s personal and professional profile. In addition to the interview, current selection processes include group dynamics and other collaborative activities. With this in mind, be careful to demonstrate a proactive and humble attitude to do well in the selection process.

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