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Nails for Carnival: +70 inspirations for your hands to enter the revelry

Carnival is synonymous with brightness and colors, isn’t it? It’s the perfect occasion to decorate your nails in a different way than we do the rest of the year, bet on glitter and abuse strong and striking tones. At Carnival we stray from the basics in makeup and looks and of course the hands also need to get in the mood for the most festive time of the year.

Your nails can follow the theme of your costume, allude to essentials at Carnival, such as confetti and streamers, or just have a layer of glitter. Need inspiration to play on your decorated nails this Carnival? You came to the right place! We’ve selected over 70 ideas that will help you choose the perfect nails to party in style.

1. Perfect idea for those who love black but want a touch of color

2. Bright pink is the face of Carnival!

3. Typical Carnival masks are cute and easy to make

4. Tutorial: nail decorated with Carnival mask (step by step)

5. One of each color and lots of shine!

6. How about a daring only child?

7. The Stiletto format allows any type of decoration

8. Delicate and fun

9. Where are the mermaid lovers?

10. Video: mermaids on nails (DIY)

11. An explosion of colors and brilliance

12. Don’t want to venture into drawings and shapes? All good!

13. Look at this amazing idea!

14. Pink with silver will never go wrong

15. Fruit inspiration? We have too!

16. Do it yourself: watermelon flavored nails (tutorial)

17. Decorating only half of the nail is also a super cool idea!

18. It becomes more subtle but without losing the carnival air

19. Butterflies are also all about Carnival!

20. Genius idea to complete the pirate costume

21. Mexican skull doesn’t just have to be worn on Halloween, does it?

22. Tip for the powerful: Wonder Woman!

23. Walkthrough: Nails full of Wonder Woman attitude (easy and fast)

24. And this different francesinha with pink and blue?

25. These pebbles are the face of Carnival!

26. Another idea for those who prefer more neutral options

27. Carnival without glitter is not Carnival!

28. Lots of colors and geometric shapes

29. And speaking of colors…

30. You can vary the glitter colors

31. We love this confetti inspiration!

32. Who else loves the only child model?

33. The flamingo is a sure bet for the Carnival blocks!

34. Video: super cute flamingo nails (tutorial)

35. Chic inspiration for an elegant Carnival

36. Another mask inspiration!

37. You’ve noticed that pink with glitter is much loved, right?

38. And of course we couldn’t help but talk about them…


41. DIY: unicorn nails for a magical carnival (very cute!)

42. You can choose the colors you want to rock this Carnival

43. Because colors are never too much, right?

44. Did you think brown didn’t match Carnival?

45. This is the perfect time to wear all your nail polishes at once!

46. ​​Lilac is delicate and feminine

47. A very different option for you to escape from the same

48. If your fantasy is a mermaid you can choose this nail

49. In addition to watermelon, pineapple is also a fun idea!

50. Tutorial: Pineapple decorated nails (and two more ideas)

51. Gold is pure glamour!

52. Some more glitter for you guys!

53. How can you not fall in love with this idea?

54. This idea can be used at Carnival but you can also repeat it at New Year’s Eve!

55. It is also interesting to leave the base of the nail colorless

56. The whimsy of this lace on top of the nail is impressive!

57. You can also mix several ideas. Why not?

58. Nails to match Minnie’s costume, which never goes out of style!

59. Video: Minnie’s cute and fun nails (easy and fast)

60. Just one detail that makes all the difference

61. Look what a cute idea!

62. We can’t get enough of these cute masks

63. They really are the face of Carnival!

64. Purple is super hot, you know?

65. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of glitter!

66. And the whimsy of those nails inspired by the ribbons of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim?

67. The galaxy-inspired costumes are also grooving, do your nails too!

68. Tutorial: A whole galaxy on nails (DIY)

69. Now you know how to rock Carnival

70. With lots of color

71. And lots of glitter!

With so many ideas it’s impossible to go to the biggest party of the year with basic nails, right? Even if you are a fan of nails always in one color – or no color at all – this is the perfect cue to get away from the routine. What is your favorite? Tell us here in the comments and don’t forget to share with that friend who also wants to go with the full costume for carnival!

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