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7 calm pot tutorials for a toy that soothes kids

The calm pot can be an ally when it comes to calming the little ones, as watching its components move slowly gives children time to take a deeper breath and calm down. Inspired by the Montessori method, this toy is easy to make and can be the solution to relieving your children’s crying spells. Learn how to do it with the tutorials below:

Galaxy Calm Pot

  1. Separate a glass or plastic container with a lid;
  2. Fill the pot with hot water;
  3. Pour two whole tubes of glitter glue into the water;
  4. Mix in small golden stars.

All materials are easily found in stationery stores. Prefer different colors that your child likes. In Shirley Hilgert’s video, you’ll see how simple and fast it is!

Calm bottle with shampoo

  1. Fill a transparent container with a lid with warm water;
  2. Put glitter glue in the color and amount you want. Shake well;
  3. Add, with the help of a funnel, glitter of different colors;
  4. Spice it up with embellishments of your choice (like sparklers and sequins);
  5. Mix some clear shampoo and shake well.

The shampoo serves to make the water denser and the shines to move more slowly. There are no exact measurements: add as much of each ingredient as you want. That’s how Marina did it in the video below, and the result was really cool!

Calm pot with bubbles

  1. Pour warm or hot water up to half of a glass jar;
  2. Add a tablespoon of clear glue and mix well;
  3. Put some gel bubbles that swell in the water;
  4. Add assorted beads and glitter of your choice.

It is important that the pot is not too full of water to allow room for the bubbles to swell. Also, don’t put too many bubbles, or they won’t move around in the liquid. Brenda explains exactly how to do it:

Calm pot with beads

  1. Open a 600 ml PET bottle and add water;
  2. Add food coloring of your choice;
  3. Add beads and other small toys that the child might be interested in.

This step by step is so easy that kids can help with the production. Look how Lelê did it in the following video:

Calm pot with colored glue

  1. In a plastic jar with a lid, add hot water;
  2. Add colored glue (with or without glitter);
  3. Pour a handful of glitter in the child’s favorite color.

The colored glue makes the water denser and with a nicer movement, but if you don’t have this item at home, you can use hair gel which has the same effect. Samantha explains how:

Calm pot with glycerin

  1. Dilute gouache paint of the color you want in warm water;
  2. Transfer the mixture to a plastic container, putting halfway through;
  3. Fill the bottle with liquid glycerin;
  4. Add sparklers, glitter and other toys and mix well.

The glycerin will make the components of the pot fall very slowly. In Lívia’s video, you will see the result of this:

pot of nebula calm

  1. Put two fingers of water with coloring in a glass jar;
  2. Place cotton swabs over this liquid and mix in a little silver glitter;
  3. Pour in more water with coloring (of another color, for a nicer effect);
  4. Repeat the process with the cotton and glitter;
  5. Do it all over again, until you complete the pot, with different colors.

Be careful not to overuse the amount of cotton, as the glitter should have room to move. This pot, in addition to calming, also serves as a decoration! Check out how Dayane did it:

Bet on the calm pot to relieve the stress of the little ones! A tip is to let them help in the manufacture of the toy, so that they have contact with playful and manual activities. And if you still feel like you need to explore their creativity, check out these activity suggestions for kids!

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